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The 2018 School Bus Pass for those students who are deemed eligible by Transport for NSW for free travel will be mailed to the student’s postal address.

Most passes will be received between the 5th February and the 9th February 2018.

If the student does not receive their school bus pass by the 15th February 2018 then please do not hesitate to contact our office.

A grace period is allowed at the start of the school year to enable sufficient time for students to be issued with their school bus pass. During this time drivers will not require students to show a pass and students may still travel, however we do require passes to be shown once the school bus pass has been received.

To travel free during the grace period school students must be in school uniform or be able to provide evidence (such as a school ID or school books) they are travelling to or from school.

New Applications

You will need to submit a new application online with Transport for NSW if you are:

  • applying for a school free travel pass for the first time
  • requesting an additional pass as a result of a new shared parental responsibility situation (e.g. joint custody).

If you are submitting an online application please ensure you have a valid email address.

Please note applications will require online verification by the School before being approved.

Updating Details

You will need to re-apply or update your details if the student had a free school travel pass and:

  • The student is changing school or campus
  • The student has changed address
  • The student has repeated a year
  • You've received an expiry notification

Applications must be completed by the student's parent or legal guardian if the student is aged under 16 years.  Students 16 years and over can complete the application form themselves.  Free school travel passes are subject to eligibility criteria set by Transport for NSW.

Links to the Transport for NSW online forms are also available from the home page on this website.

Unsuccessful Applications

Students who are not eligible for a free school travel pass as determined by Transport for NSW can:

  • purchase a School Term Bus Pass from Ballina Buslines
  • purchase child fare tickets when boarding the bus
  • request a review from Transport for NSW. You can request a review online. Once you have completed your initial SSTS application you will receive confirmation whether your application has been sucessful.  If your application was unsuccessful and you feel that one of the special circumstances apply to you, you can request a review by clicking on the 'Request a review' link in your application status screen.  Alternatively, you can request a review via the Transport for NSW SSTS Website, using your application ID.

Special circumstances include:

  • The pedestrian infrastructure between the student's home and school/TAFE is unsuitable for safe walking.  You need to include information on the walking route when applying for a review on pedestrian infrastructure grounds, i.e roadworks, parks or walkways where an obstruction is present.
  • The student has a medical condition which prevents them from walking to and from school/TAFE.  You need to include an SSTS medical report and certificate when applying for an exemption on medical grounds
  • Legal/Child Services.  You need to include supporting documentation when applying for an exemption on Legal/Child Services grounds, i.e. Police report or Apprehended Violence Order (AVO)

School Term Passes

Discounted Term Passes are available for all non-eligible students from our office.  These passes can be purchased over the phone, by visiting us in the depot or by emailing, posting or faxing us the Term Pass Application Form


Ballina High School (BHS) has closed at the Swift Street site effective the end of Term 4- 2016, and students will be enrolled at Southern Cross High (SCHS) site in East Ballina from Term 1 2017.

Students will now need to travel to East Ballina rather than to Swift Street via the Ballina Buslines amended school bus network. Two new bus runs will be operated- AM 78 & PM78 plus AM79 & PM79- maps are attached.

Existing Ballina Buslines Bus Travellers-

If the student previously held a Ballina Buslines Free School Travel pass, to Swift Street the following travel arrangements should be followed:

Students should continue to catch their existing bus service to Swift Street site, and if they catch AM01- AM04- AM06 or AM09 they will stay on that bus and travel through to SCHS.

Students who previously caught AM02- AM03- AM05- AM07 or AM08, should get off the bus at old BHS bus interchange, and then transfer onto one of four buses traveling between BHS and SCHS, these will depart BHS site at

AM79- Blue Line- departs at 7:53am

AM78- Red Line- departs at 7:58am

AM79- Blue Line- departs at 8:25am

AM78- Red Line- departs at 8:38am

In the afternoons if your son/daughter catches PM01- PM07 or PM09, these buses start at SCHS, if your son/daughter catches other buses they should catch a bus from SCHS to BHS-

PM78- Red Line- departs SCHS at 3:25pm

PM79- Blue Line- departs SCHS at 3:25pm

PM78- Red Line- departs SCHS at 4:05pm

PM79- Blue Line- departs SCHS at 4:00pm

Previous Non Bus Travellers-

For students not currently issued with a Ballina Buslines SSTS Free School Travel pass, due to them living too close to the old BHS site, the good news is with the relocation to SCHS they should be eligible to receive a new SSTS Free School Travel pass for 2017. They need to apply on-line to Transport for NSW, using Southern Cross High as their school, students will not need the bus pass to use the bus in the first weeks of Term 1 2017.

We have planned two new routes (refer to maps below), that will operate from Ballina island to SCHS twice each in the AM and twice each in the PM. These routes will come past or near your home address in the morning and afternoon, or alternatively they will pick up from old BHS site in Swift Street at:

AM79- Blue Line- departs at 7:53am

AM78- Red Line- departs at 7:58am

AM79- Blue Line- departs at 8:25am

AM78- Red Line- departs at 8:38am

In the afternoons your son/daughter should catch one of the below buses from SCHS, to either BHS or to your home:

PM78- Red Line- departs SCHS at 3:25pm

PM79- Blue Line- departs SCHS at 3:25pm

PM78- Red Line- departs SCHS at 4:05pm

PM79- Blue Line- departs SCHS at 4:00pm

Ballina High Route Map - Red Line

Ballina High Route Map - Blue Line

If you have any queries regarding bus services or SSTS Free School Travel please view our Student Travel Planner on our website or visit the School Buses web page or call our Office on 6686 3666.