Special School Services at 01-August-2022

Wardell Public School

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:31 (R)Whytes Lane, (L)Pacific Hwy, (R)Coolgardie Rd
  7:40 (L)Meridian Dr, (R)Meridian Dr - Turn Around At End - (L)Meridian Dr, (R)Coolgardie Rd, (R)Pacific Hwy
  7:47 Pacific Hwy, (L)Meaney's Ln - Turn Around At Cane Pad, (R)Pacific Hwy, Carlisle (Drop Off Transfers At Bus Shelter)
  8:00 Pacific Hwy, (R)Coolgardie Rd, (L)Pimlico Rd, (R)Riverbank Rd Turnaround Barnes Lane
  8:05 Riverbank Rd Corner Barnes Lanes
  8:05 Transfer To AM05
  8:05 Riverbank, (L)Pimlico Rd, (R)Coolgardie, (L)Pacific Hwy, (R)Carlisle St
  8:15 (L)Bath (L)Bridge St, (L)Sinclair St, (R)Fitzroy St, (L)Pacific Hwy (L)River Dr, Turn Around Sneesbys Lane (L)River Dr, (R)Byron St Turnaround At Bridge, (R)Raglan St, (R)River Dr (R)Pacific Hwy
  8:27 (L)Carlisle St,(R)Bath St-Wardell Rd, (R)Lumleys Ln - Turn Around On Cane Pad (1.6km) - Lumleys Ln, (L)Wardell Rd- Bath St, (R)Pine, (R)Lindsay Cres, (L)Pine, (R)Bath St
  8:38 (L)Carlisle St, (R)Cedar St, (L)Bridge St, (L)Sinclair St, (R)Richmond St
  8:42 Wardell Public School

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:00 Wardell Public School
  3:08 Richmond St, Turn Around At End Of Medium Strip, Continue On Richmond St, (L)Sinclair St, (R)Bridge Dr, (R)Cedar St, (L)Carlisle St - Back Channel Rd, (L) Cabbage Tree Island Rd, (L)"T" Intersection
  3:20 Cabbage Tree Island Public School
  3:23 Cabbage Tree Island Rd, (R)Back Channell Rd-Carlisle St, (L)Bath St-Wardell Rd, (L)Pine St, (R)Lindsay Cres, (L)Pine St, (L)Bath-Wardell Rd
  3:28 (R)Lumleys Ln - Turn Around At Cane Pad (Approx 1.6km), (L)Wardell Rd-Bath St - Bridge St, (L)Sinclair St - Fitzroy,
  3:37 (L)Old Pacific Hwy, (L)River Dr, (L)Raglan, (L)Byron St Turnaround At Bridge, Byron St, (L)River Dr, Turn-Around Sneesbys Ln, River Dr, (R)Old Pacific Hwy,
  3:50 Old Pacific Hwy, (L)Coolgardie Rd, (L)Meridian Dr, (R)Meridian Dr - Turn Around At End - Meridian Dr, (L)Meridian Dr, (R)Coolgardie Rd, (R)Old Pacific Hwy
  4:00 Old Pacific Hwy (L)Meanys Ln - Turn Around At Cane Pad - Meanys Ln, (L)Blackwall Drive To Broadwater - Turn Around - Travel Back Along Blackwall Drive
  4:20 (R)Coolgardie Rd, (L)Pimlico Rd, (R)Riverbank Rd, Turnaround .800meters, Riverbank Rd (R)Pimilco Rd, (L)Laws Rd