Special School Services at 01-August-2022

The Living School

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:20 (R)Tasman Wy, (L)Centennial Cct, (R)Bayshore Dr, (L)Ewingsdale Rd - Shirley St - Butler St - Bus Interchange Stand A
  7:35 [Byron Bay Bus Zone] - Stand A
  7:35 (R)Butler, (R)Shirley - Lawson, (R)Massinger St, (R)Kingsley St, (L)Tennyson St-Bangalow Rd
  7:45 Byron Bay High School
  7:45 (L)Bangalow Rd, (R)Bangalow Rd At Golf Course, Byron St
  8:00 [Bangalow Bus Stop] (Summerland Credit Union)
  8:05 Lismore Rd, Binna Burra Opposite Buttery
  8:15 [Clunes Opposite Shop]
  8:20 [Bexhill]
  8:30 Bangalow Rd - Dawson St, (L)Uralba, (L)Brewster St
  8:35 [Setdown Bay 16]
  8:35 St Carthages Primary School
  8:35 Trinity Catholic College
  8:35 Brewster St (L)Leycester St, (L)Dawson St, (R)Conway St, (R)Molesworth St
  8:35 The Living School
  7:20 Stuart, (R)Burringbar, (L)Dalley- Jubilee
  7:23 Mullumbimby Rural Co-Op
  7:23 Jubilee Ave- Coolamon Scenic Drive, (R)Goonengerry Rd
  7:30 Top Montecollum
  7:30 Goonengerry Rd
  7:35 Beatties Creek Road
  7:35 Goonengerry Rd
  7:40 Goonengerry School
  7:40 Goonengerry Rd- Federal Road
  7:50 Corner Of Kings Road & Federal Road
  7:50 Pick up AM74
  7:50 Federal Road
  7:56 Opposite Federal Shop
  8:05 Federal Rd, (R)Federal Rd, (L)Eureka Road
  8:10 Eureka Hall
  8:10 Eureka Rd, (R)Bangalow-Lismore Road
  8:20 Clunes Shop
  8:20 Bangalow-Lismore Rd
  8:30 Bexhill School
  8:30 Bangalow-Lismore Rd- Brunswick St, (L)Dawson St, (L)Uralba St, (L)Brewster St
  8:38 Trinity Catholic College- Bay 13
  8:40 Brewster St, (L)Leycester St- Orion St, (R)Winterton Pde- Woodlawn Road
  8:52 St Johns Woodlawn College
  8:52 (L)Woodlawn- Winterton- Molesworth St
  9:05 Spinks Park Transit Centre
  9:05 Molesworth St, (L)Conway St - Around Roundabout Dawson St - Conway St
  9:05 The Living School
  7:00 Bangalow Rd, (L)Corndale Rd - Rosebank Rd
  7:25 Lychee Rd, (R)Eureka Rd - Whian Rd
  7:35 Corner Of Whian Rd And Emerson Road-Turnaround-Whian Rd
  7:35 Whian Rd, (L)Kings Road
  7:38 Cnr Kings Road And Whian Road
  7:40 Kings Rd, (L)Federal Road
  7:50 Corner Of Kings Road & Federal Road
  7:50 Transfer to AM68

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:10 The Living School
  3:15 Molesworth St- Winterton Pde- Woodlawn Road
  3:27 St Johns Woodlawn College
  3:27 Woodlawn Rd- Winterton Pde, (L)Orion St, (R)Keen St, (L)Uralba St, (L)Brewster St
  3:37 Trinity Catholic College- Bay 13
  3:40 Depart Trinity Catholic College - Bay 13
  3:40 Brewster St, (R)Bangalow Road, (R)Withers St
  3:50 Bexhill School Zone
  3:55 Bangalow Rd
  4:05 Clunes
  4:05 (L)Walker St-Clunes Tennis Courts-Walker St
  4:07 (L)Bangalow Rd, (L)Eureka Rd
  4:13 Eureka Hall, - Eureka Rd
  4:15 (R)Federal Road
  4:20 Federal Shop
  4:20 Federal Rd- Goonengerry Road
  4:30 Goonengerry School
  4:30 Goonengerry Rd
  4:35 Beatties Creek Road/Goonengerry Road
  4:35 Goonengerry Rd, (L)Coolamon Scenic Drive
  4:40 Top Monticollum
  4:40 Coolamon Scenic Drive- Jubilee Ave
  4:50 Opposite Mullumbimby Rural Co-Op
  4:50 Jubille- Dalley, (R)Burringbar, (L)Stuart
  4:53 Mullumbimby Newsagent Bus Stop