Special School Services at 01-August-2022

Exeter Public School

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:30 2232 Tugalong Road
  7:42 Bangadilly/Tugalong Road
  7:49 Tugalong/Nandi Road
  7:57 Canyonleigh Store
  8:00 Tugalong, (L)Canyonleigh Rd
  8:01 Continue Canyonleigh Road
  8:06 Cnr Canyonleigh/Foxgrove, Continue Canyonleigh Rd To Cross Roads - 08:09. Continue Illawarra Hwy
  8:14 Illawarra Hwy / Old Argyle Road, Continue Illawarra Hwy
  8:22 St Pauls International College (Argyle St Gate)
  8:23 Leighton Gardens
  8:24 Argyle, (R)Valetta, (L)Narellan, (L)Young
  8:28 Moss Vale High School
  8:28 Pick up AM29
  8:29 Young, (L)Robertson, (L)Argyle, (R)Lackey, (L)Garrett
  8:36 St Pauls Primary School
  8:37 Garrett, (L)Watson, (L)Berrima - Waite, (R)Browley
  8:39 Moss Vale Public School
  8:39 Browley, (R)Mann, (L)Willow, (R)Illawarra Hwy, (L)Exeter Rd To Bundanoon
  8:52 Railway Ave, (L)Osborne St, (R)Osborn Ave, (R)Church St, (R)Railway Ave - Bundanoon Main Stop - 9:00
  9:15 Exeter Public School
  8:35 Corner Tugalong & Bangadilly Rd
  8:40 Tugalong / Nandi Road
  8:45 Corner Tugalong & Canyonleigh Road
  8:55 Canyonleigh / Hume Highway Crossroads
  8:59 Illawarra Hwy Opposite Village Rd, (R)Village, (L)Conflict, (R)Nicholson, (L)Exeter Rd, (R)Illawarra Highway
  9:05 (L)Golden Vale, (R)Old Hwy, (L)Ditton's, (L)Golden Vale, (R)Illawarra Hwy, (L)Exeter Road, (L)Badgerys Way, Under Subway, (R)Ringwood Rd, (L)School Lane To Exeter Ps
  9:15 Exeter Public School
  7:52 St Pauls International College (Set Down At Court House)
  7:53 Antique Shop, (L)Yarrawa, (R)Broughton, (R)North, (L)Argyle, (R)Willow
  8:00 Willow, (L)Kennedy, (R)Price, (R)Willow, (L)Campbell, (L)Dangar, (R)Wyatt, (L)Browley
  8:06 Browley, (L)Waite-Berrima Rd, (R)Watson, (L)Garrett, (L)Parkes, (L)Berrima - Waite St
  8:12 (L)Argyle, (R)Valetta, (L)Narellan, (L)Young
  8:20 Moss Vale High School (First Set Down)
  8:20 Transfer to AM24

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:30 Exeter Public School
  3:30 School Lane, (R)Ringwood Rd, (L)Under Subway, (L)Badgerys Way, (R)Exeter Rd, (R)Illawarra Hwy
  3:38 (L)Golden Vale, (R)Old Road, (L)Ditton's, (L)Golden Vale, (R)Illawarra Hwy, (L)Exeter Rd, (R)Nicholson, (L)Conflict, (R)Village, (L)Illawarra Highway
  3:44 Continue Illawarra Hwy
  3:49 Canyonleigh/Hume Highway Crossroads, Continue Canyonleigh Rd
  3:57 Corner Canyonleigh & Tugalong Roads, (R)Tugalong Rd
  4:06 Corner Tugalong & Nandi Road, Continue Tugalong Rd
  4:12 Corner Tugalong & Bangadilly Rd
  4:55 Arrive Depot. Complete Duties If Required
  3:45 Exeter Public School
  3:47 School, (L)Pile, (R)Norwood, (L)Ringwood, (L)Bundanoon Rd - Railway Avenue /Bundanoon Shops - 4:00
  4:03 Railway, (L)Church St, (R)Anzac, (L)Erith-Bromhall, (R)Forwood, (L)Bromhall, (L)Hill, (R)Ebury, (R)Ellsmore, (L)Erith
  4:08 Transfer to PM33
  4:08 Continue North On Erith, (L)Bundanoon Rd To Exeter
  4:11 Exeter Bus Zone, Continue Exeter Rd To Illawarra Hwy Sutton Forest - 4:16 /Continue Illawarra Highway
  4:25 Argyle/Yarrawa - Opp R.S.L. 4:26 /Leighton Gardens 4:27
  4:10 Pick up from PM27
  4:10 Bundanoon Rail
  4:10 Erith, (L)Over Rail Bridge, (R)Penrose Rd
  4:20 Penrose
  4:20 Wingello Rd
  4:35 Wingello
  4:36 Tallong Rd
  4:46 (R)Railway Bridge, (L)Mulwaree - Clockwise Around Tallong Park, (L)Mulwaree
  5:05 Arrive Depot - Drivers Home
  5:15 Finish Drivers Home