Special School Services at 01-August-2022

Goulburn High School

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  6:46 (L)Old Bowral Rd, (R)Bowral-Mittagong Rd - Bong Bong St - Moss Vale Rd
  7:04 Moss Vale Court House
  7:09 Illawarra Hwy Sutton Forest, (L)Bundanoon Rd
  7:15 Exeter, Continue Bundanoon Rd To Bundanoon
  7:22 (L)Church, (R)Anzac, (L)Penrose Rd - Mobil Service Station - 07:23
  7:27 Penrose, Continue Penrose Rd To Wingello - 07:37
  7:37 Wingello Rd, (L)Bumballa, (R)Memorial Drv To Tallong Hall - 7:45
  7:49 (L)Highland Way, (R)Across Railway Bridge To Mulwaree Drv, Anticlockwise Around Mulwaree Drive, (R)Highland Way, (L)Hume Hwy
  8:20 (L)First Goulburn Exit, Thru Traffic Lights
  8:24 St Josephs Primary School
  8:25 (R)Bradley, (L)Bourke, (R)Clinton, (L)Cowper, (R)Mary, (R)Knox - Coromandel
  8:32 St Peter And Pauls Primary School
  8:32 Continue Coromandel St
  8:33 Goulburn West Public School
  8:33 Continue Coromandel, (L)Mundy - Garfield, (R)Rhoda, (R)Addison
  8:36 Trinity College Campus
  8:37 (L)Deccan, (R)Clifford, (L)Albert
  8:39 Goulburn High School

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:34 Goulburn High School
  3:35 Albert, (L)Goldsmith, (R)Fitzroy
  3:37 Wollondilly Public School
  3:37 Fitzroy, (R)Kinghorne, (L)Victoria
  3:42 Mulwaree High School
  3:42 Mcdermott Dr, (R)Middle Arm, (R)Tarlo, (R)Chantry, (L)Union
  3:46 Goulburn North Public School - If Required
  3:46 Sydney - Hume Highway
  4:05 Hume Hwy, (R)Highland Way To Tallong
  4:10 Tallong, (L)Across Railway Bridge, (R)Mulwaree Drv In Tallong Park
  4:14 Anticlockwise Around Mulwaree Drv, (L)Out Of Tallong Park, (R)Across Railway Bridge, (L)Highland Way
  4:25 Tallong, Continue Highland Way - Wingello - 4:33
  4:35 Continue Penrose/Bundanoon Road To Bundanoon
  4:45 Bundanoon Rd, (R)Anzac, (L)Church, (R)Railway Pde - 4:48
  4:48 Continue Railway - Bundanoon Rd To Exeter And Sutton Forest
  5:03 Sutton Forest, /(R)Illawarra Hwy - Argyle
  5:09 Leighton Gardens, Continue Argyle - Moss Vale Rd To Lions Park
  5:18 Lions Park
  5:18 Bong Bong, (L)Banyette, (R)Station St - Mittagong Rd - Bowral Rd, (L)Old Bowral Rd