Special School Services at 01-August-2022

Moss Vale Public School

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:25 (R)Old South, (R)Bong Bong, (L)Mary, (R)Colo, (L)Range
  7:38 Frensham School
  7:39 Range, (R)Waverley, (R)Bessemer, (L)Bowral
  7:43 Beaumont Gardens, Bowral Rd
  7:45 Bowral Pool, (L)Bundaroo, (R)Bendooley, (R)Boolwey
  7:51 Boolwey, (L)Bong Bong-Moss Vale Rd
  7:59 Pony Club, Continue Moss Vale Road
  8:03 (L)Illawarra, (L)Into Tudor House
  8:10 Tudor House School
  8:13 (R)Illawarra Hwy, (R)Farnborough, (L)Watkins, (R)Windsor, (R)Farnborough, (R)Illawarra Hwy
  8:20 Illawarra Hwy, (R)Church, (L)Wembley, (L)James, (R)Illawarra Hwy, (R)Argyle Street
  8:28 Moss Vale Rd, (L)Suttor
  8:29 (L)Semkin, (R)Ball, (L)Trelm, (L)Semkin, (L)Suttor, (R)Hoskins, (L)Hawkins, (L)Argyle, (R)Illawarra Hwy, (R)Elizabeth St, (L)Valetta, (L)Narellan, (L)Young
  8:42 Moss Vale High School
  8:43 (L)Illawarra, (L)Argyle, (R)Lackey, (L)Garrett
  8:46 St Pauls Primary School
  8:47 Garrett, (L)Watson, (L)Berrima, (R)Browley
  8:52 Moss Vale Public School
  7:41 Hambridge Rd, Old Hume Highway
  7:43 Old Hume Hwy, Corner Of Government Road
  7:45 (L)The Falls Rd, (L)Sunrise, (L)Andes, (R)Old Hume Hwy, (L)Hume Hwy, (L)Mittagong Exit - Old Hume Hwy
  8:06 Continue Old Hume, (L)Station St
  8:10 Station, (R)Regent, (R)Princess, (L)Bowral Rd, (L)Bundaroo, (R)Bendooley
  8:18 Bendooley, (L)Kangaloon, (L)Aitken
  8:20 Bowral High School
  8:22 (R)Park, (R)Purcell, (L)Sheaffe, (L)Old South, (R)Emily Crt, (R)Boardman, (L)Highland, (R)2nd Isabella, (L)Highland, (L)Boardman, (R)Kangaloon, (L)Eridge Park Rd, (R)Charlotte
  8:40 Chevalier College
  8:41 (L)Moss Vale Rd - Argyle St, (L)Illawarra Hwy, (R)Elizabeth
  8:48 Transfer to AM30
  7:30 2232 Tugalong Road
  7:42 Bangadilly/Tugalong Road
  7:49 Tugalong/Nandi Road
  7:57 Canyonleigh Store
  8:00 Tugalong, (L)Canyonleigh Rd
  8:01 Continue Canyonleigh Road
  8:06 Cnr Canyonleigh/Foxgrove, Continue Canyonleigh Rd To Cross Roads - 08:09. Continue Illawarra Hwy
  8:14 Illawarra Hwy / Old Argyle Road, Continue Illawarra Hwy
  8:22 St Pauls International College (Argyle St Gate)
  8:23 Leighton Gardens
  8:24 Argyle, (R)Valetta, (L)Narellan, (L)Young
  8:28 Moss Vale High School
  8:28 Pick up AM29
  8:29 Young, (L)Robertson, (L)Argyle, (R)Lackey, (L)Garrett
  8:36 St Pauls Primary School
  8:37 Garrett, (L)Watson, (L)Berrima - Waite, (R)Browley
  8:39 Moss Vale Public School
  7:27 Penrose State Forest Rest Area. Continue Hume Hwy To Paddys River, (L)Murrimba Rd
  7:37 Cross South Bound Lanes With Caution, (R)Hume Hwy, (L)Hanging Rock Rd, (L)Hume Hwy, (L)Exit Ramp Into Shell Service Centre - Shell Service Centre 7:47
  7:48 (R)Sally's Corner Rd
  7:59 (L)Old Argyle, (L)Illawarra Hwy, (R)Hwy Entry- Hume Hwy
  8:06 Belanglo Forest Turnoff, Continue Hume Hwy
  8:07 (L)Berrima Off Ramp, (R)Mereworth, (R)Hume Hwy (L)Golden Vale Rd
  8:13 (L)Illawarra Hwy - Argyle St
  8:20 Leighton Gardens
  8:20 Argyle, (R)Valetta, (L)Narellan, (L)Young
  8:24 Moss Vale High School (First Set Down)
  8:28 Young Rd, (L)Illawarra, (L)Argyle, (L)Spring, (R)Railway, (R)Yarrawa
  8:32 Yarrawa St, (L)East, (R)North, (L)Argyle, (L)Caber, (L)Broughton, (L)Merrett, (R)Argyle
  8:40 Argyle, (L)Willow, (L)Kennedy, (R)Price, (R)Willow, (L)Mann, (L)Browley
  8:45 Moss Vale Public School
  7:52 St Pauls International College (Set Down At Court House)
  7:53 Antique Shop, (L)Yarrawa, (R)Broughton, (R)North, (L)Argyle, (R)Willow
  8:00 Willow, (L)Kennedy, (R)Price, (R)Willow, (L)Campbell, (L)Dangar, (R)Wyatt, (L)Browley
  8:06 Browley, (L)Waite-Berrima Rd, (R)Watson, (L)Garrett, (L)Parkes, (L)Berrima - Waite St
  8:12 (L)Argyle, (R)Valetta, (L)Narellan, (L)Young
  8:20 Moss Vale High School (First Set Down)
  8:20 Transfer to AM24
  8:21 Young, (L)Illawarra, (L)Argyle, (R)Waite
  8:23 Waite - Berrima Rd, (L)Taylor Ave
  8:28 New Berrima
  8:29 Taylors Ave, (R)Brisbane, (L)Ennis
  8:31 Ennis, (L)Howard, (L)Taylor Ave
  8:33 Taylor Ave, (R)Berrima Rd, (L)Innes, (L)Garrett
  8:38 St Pauls Primary School
  8:39 Garrett, (L)Parkes, (L)Anembo, (L)Amarina, (L)Parkes, (L)Berrima, (R)Browley
  8:48 Moss Vale Public School
  7:35 Old Bowral Rd, (L)Bowral Rd
  7:36 Bowral Rd, (R)Main, (L)Helena, (R)Alfred St, (R)Beatrice
  7:42 Mittagong Caravan Park
  7:42 (L)Old Hume Hwy, (R)Balaclava, (R)Beresford, (R)Crimea, (L)Old Hume Hwy
  7:45 Old Hume Hwy, (L)Station St
  7:50 Mittagong, Station St
  7:51 Station St, (R)Regent, (R)Princess, (L)Bowral Rd, (R)Pioneer, (L)Old Hume Hwy
  7:53 Hwy Bus Shelter Opp Mittagong Market Place, Continue Old Hume, (R)Currockbilly
  7:56 Currockbilly, (L)Berrima, (R)Jellore, (R)Joadja, (R)Meranie, (L)Kell, (R)Mittagong St, (R)Bendooley, (L)Old Hume Hwy
  7:59 (R)Lyell, (R)Cook, (L)Elizabeth, (R)Hood, (L)Richard, (R)William, (R)Spring, (R)Cook, (R)Lyell
  8:07 Lyell St
  8:09 Lyell, (L)Old Bowral, (R)Bowral-Mittagong Rd
  8:14 (L)Bundaroo, (R)Bendooley, (R)Boolwey
  8:16 Boolwey St Terminus
  8:17 Boolwey, (L)Bong Bong, (L)Bowral
  8:19 (R)Mona, (L)Ascot, (R)Loseby, (R)Park
  8:20 Bowral High School
  8:20 (R)Sheffield, (L)Warenda, (L)Bendooley, (R)Martha, (R)Kangaloon, (L)Moss Vale Rd, (L)Charlotte, (R)Into Chevalier Car Park
  8:25 Chevalier College
  8:28 (L)Charlotte, (L)Moss Vale Rd
  8:35 Moss Vale Rd, (L)Church, (R)Kings, (L)Argyle St, (L)Illawarra Hwy, (L)Church, (L)Wembley, (L)James, (R)Illawarra Hwy, (L)Elizabeth
  8:48 Pick up AM07
  8:49 Elizabeth, (R)Kirkham, (L)Argyle, (R)Lackey, (L)Garrett
  8:52 St Pauls Primary School
  8:52 Garrett, (L)Watson, (L)Berrima-Waite, (R)Browley
  8:56 Moss Vale Public School
  7:15 Tallong Park
  7:15 Mulwaree Dr In Clockwise Direction, (L)Mulwaree Dr, (R)Over Railway Bridge, (L)Highland Way
  7:25 Tallong Rail, Continue Tallong - Wingello Rd
  7:35 Wingello Rail - Wingello Road
  7:45 Penrose Rail
  7:45 Penrose Rail, Continue Penrose Rd, (L)Anzac, (R)Erith
  7:59 Rosnel Hostel, Continue Erith, (L)Bundanoon Rd
  8:06 Exeter, Continue Bundanoon-Exeter Rd, (R)Illawarra Hwy
  8:13 Sutton Forest, Continue Illawarra Hwy - Argyle St
  8:16 Moss Vale Public School
  7:50 Antique Shop - Middle Rd, Continue Middle, (L)Ellsmore, (R)Sally's Corner Road, (L)Westgrove, (L)Cornwall, (L)Ellsmore, (R)Middle
  8:01 Exeter Shop, (L)Exeter Rd
  8:07 Sutton Forest
  8:11 Illawarra Hwy - Argyle St, (R)Merrett, (L)Broughton, (L)North, (R)Argyle
  8:13 St Pauls International College - Set Down Nr Argyle St Gate
  8:16 Leighton Gardens
  8:16 Argyle, (R)Valetta - Narellan, (L)Young
  8:20 Moss Vale High School
  8:20 Transfer to AM43
  7:10 Moss Vale Court House - 07:10 /Sutton Forest - Illawarra Hwy & Exeter Rd - 07:17 /Exeter - Opp Main Store - 07:22 /Ellsmore Rd & Bindar Cres - 07:36 /Bromhall & Penola Rd - 07:40 /Bundanoon Railway Station, East Side - 07:43
  7:44 Railway Ave, (R)William, (L)Rosenthal, (R)Railway - Bundanoon Rd
  7:49 Bundanoon Rd
  7:52 Cnr Bundanoon/Wilsons Lane
  8:08 (R)Lytton, (R)Beaconsfield, (L)Parkes, (R)Lackey, (L)Argyle
  8:18 Leighton Gardens
  8:19 Argyle St, (R)Valetta St, (R)Villiers, (R)Dengate, (L)Villiers (R)Narellan Rd, (L)Young
  8:26 Moss Vale High School
  8:26 Pick up AM39
  8:27 Young, (L)Illawarra Hwy, (L)Elizabeth, (L)Kirkham, (R)Mack, (R)Arthur, (L)Spring, (L)Throsby, (L)Chapman, (R)Lovelle, (R)Spencer - Darren, (L)Monterey, (L)Craig, (L)Yarrawa - Throsby, (L)Arthur, (L)Argyle, (R)Lackey, (L)Garrett
  8:46 St Pauls Primary School
  8:47 Garrett - Beaconsfield, (L)Lytton, (L)Berrima Rd, (R)Browley
  8:54 Moss Vale Public School

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:52 Pick up from PM36
  3:52 Boolwey, (R)Station, (R)Cliff, (R)Clark, (L)Oxley, (R)Rose, (R)Merrigang, (L)Bendooley, (R)Boolwey, (R)Station St
  4:00 Bowral Rail - 4:00 /(L)Station St-Mittagong Rd-Bowral Rd
  4:11 (R)Old Hume Hwy, (L)Hume Freeway, (L)Colo Vale Exit, (L)Church Ave, (L)Railway Pde /Colo Vale Rail - 4:19
  4:19 Railway, (R)Elm, (R)Pine, (R)Wattle, (L)Wilson Dr, (L)Chalker Over Rail Bridge, (R)West Pde
  4:29 Hilltop General Store - 4:29 /West, (R)Over Rail Line, (L)Wilson Dr /Balmoral - 4:35
  4:41 Buxton - 4:41 /Couridjah - 4:46
  4:46 West Parade - Barbour Parade
  4:50 Thirlmere - 4:50 /Barbour Pde, (R)Over Rail Line, (L)Thirlmere Way, (L)Remembrance Dr, (R)Menangle, (R)Into Picton Rail /Picton Railway Station - 5:00
  3:05 Moss Vale Public School
  3:09 Browley, (L)Yarrawa St, (L)Argyle
  3:10 Leighton Gardens
  3:11 Argyle, (R)Valetta, (L)Elizabeth, (R)Illawarra Hwy, (L)James, (R)Wembley, (R)Church, (L)Illawarra Hwy, (L)Farnborough, (L)Watkins, (R)Windsor
  3:25 (R)Farnborough, (L)Woodside, (L)Farnborough, Reverse Farnborough, (L)Woodside, (L)Farnborough
  3:29 Farnborough, (R)Illawarra Hwy, (R)Argyle St - Moss Vale Rd, (R)Eridge Park Rd, (L)Charlotte
  3:42 Chevalier College
  3:44 Charlotte, (L)Eridge Park Rd - Old South Rd, (L)Ascot, (R)Mona, (L)Bowral St, (R)Bendooley
  4:00 Bowral Public School - Set Down
  4:00 Bendooley, (L)Merrigang, (R)Bong Bong, (R)Mittagong Rd, (L)Old Bowral Rd, (L)Into Gib Gate School Entry
  4:07 Gib Gate School
  4:08 (L)Old Bowral Rd, (L)Bowral Rd, (L)Alice, (R)Alfred, (R)Helena, (L)Old Hume Hwy, (R)Fitzroy St - 4:12
  4:13 (R)Regent, (L)Bessemer, (L)Railway, (R)Stanley
  4:14 Frensham School
  4:15 Stanley, (R)Vernon
  4:15 Transfer to PM42
  4:16 (L)Oxley Dr - Continue Over Gib, (L)Rose, (R)Woodbine To Bundaroo, (L)Bendooley, (R)Boolwey - 4:33
  4:33 Continue Setting Down Via Bowral, Burradoo And East Bowral As Required. Last Drop Offs Are Kimberley & Highlands Drive.
  3:45 Pick up from PM36
  3:47 Bendooley, (L)Merrigang, (R)Mittagong, (L)Old Bowral Rd, (L)Into Gib Gate School
  3:48 Gib Gate School
  3:48 Old Bowral Rd, (L)Mittagong Rd
  3:51 Old Hume Hwy, (L)Hume Freeway, (L)Bargo Exit - Remembrance
  4:15 Bargo Main Stop
  4:16 Remembrance
  4:20 Tahmoor - 4:20 /Remembrance Dr - 4:21
  4:30 Redbank Shops - 4:30 /Remembrance Dr - 4:31 /Picton Primary - 4:33
  4:34 Remembrance - Argyle, (R)Menangle - 4:34 /Picton Shire Hall - 4:35
  4:35 Menangle, (L)Colden, (L)Margaret, (R)Argyle St, (L)Jarvisfield, (L)Coldenham, (L)Jan, (R)Weeta, (L)Kyeema, (R)Mallam, (L)Regreme, (L)Argyle St - Remembrance Dr
  4:50 Razorback Mountain
  5:00 Arrive Picton Depot
  5:35 Arrive Berrima Depot
  3:50 Pick up from PM36
  3:55 (R)Station St - Mittagong - Bowral Rd, (R)Old Hume Hwy, (L)Braemar, (R)Drapers, (R)Azalea, (L)Pine St - Banksia, (L)Telopea, (R)Colo, (R)Grevillea
  4:20 (R)Beech, (L)Myrtle, (R)Colo, (R)Wattle, (L)Into Colo Vale P.S., (R)Wattle
  3:58 Pick up from PM36
  4:05 (L)Boardman, (R)Kangaloon, (L)Tourist
  4:15 Glenquarry Public School, Tourist Road
  4:15 Tourist, (R)Illawarra Hwy, (R)The Old Rd, (R)Illawarra Hwy To Main Bus Stop
  4:50 Illawarra Hwy, (R)Sheepwash-Kangaloon Rd, Continue Kangaloon Road,
  3:50 Pick up from PM36
  3:52 (R)Merrigang, (L)Old South, (L)Range, (R)Webb, (R)Payten-Marchmont, (L)Payten, (R)Southey, (R)Colo, (R)Mary, (R)Winifred, (L)Colo, (L)Oakland, (R)Payten, (R)Evans, (R)Colo, (L)Southey, (R)Bong Bong, (L)Renwick
  4:10 Renwick, (R)Old Hume Hwy, (L)Braemar, (L)Drapers-Orient, (R)Willow, (R)Carlton, (R)Badgery, (L)Orient, (R)Braemar, (L)Old Hume, (R)Aylmerton, Over Railway Bridge
  4:25 (R)Old South Rd, (R)Bong Bong Rd
  3:45 Pick up from PM36
  3:51 (R)Bong Bong, (L)Wingecarribee, Over Bridge, (R)Kirkham, (L)Centennial Rd, (R)Old Hume Hwy, (L)Into Wombeyan Caves Rest Area
  4:10 Wombeyan Caves Rd Rest Area
  4:10 (R)Old Hume Hwy, (R)Woodlands, (L)Joadja /Cnr Joadja & Greenhills Rd - 16:18 /Joadja Rd
  3:05 Moss Vale Public School
  3:11 Browley, (L)Waite - Berrima, (R)Innes, (L)Garrett
  3:10 St Pauls Primary School
  3:10 (L)Watson, (R)Berrima, (R)Lytton, (R)Beaconsfield - Garrett, (R)Innes, (L)Berrima - Waite, (L)Argyle, (R)Valetta - Narellan, (L)Young
  3:25 Moss Vale High School
  3:27 Young, (L)Illawarra Hwy, (L)Elizabeth St
  3:30 Elizabeth St
  3:35 Elizabeth, (R)Kirkham, (L)Argyle, (R)Lackey, (L)Garrett, (L)Watson, (L)Berrima - Waite, (R)Browley, (R)Wyatt, (L)Dangar, (R)Campbell, (R)Willow, (L)Price, (L)Kennedy, (R)Willow, (L)Mann, (L)Argyle
  3:50 Moss Vale High School
  3:52 Pick up from PM44
  3:53 (L)Illawarra Hwy, (L)Argyle, Continue Illawarra Hwy
  4:11 Cnr Village/Illawarra Hwy, Continue Illawarra Hwy To Canyonleigh Road
  4:18 Canyonleigh/Hume Hwy Crossroads, Continue Canyonleigh Rd
  4:24 Cnr Foxgrove/Canyonleigh Road, Continue Canyonleigh Road
  4:28 Cnr Canyonleigh & Tugalong Rd, (R)Tugalong Rd / Canyonleigh Store - 4:30, Continue Tugalong Road
  4:42 Cnr Tugalong/Bangadilly Rd, Continue Tugalong Rd
  4:55 2332 Tugalong Road
  3:05 Moss Vale Public School
  3:06 (L)Waite St, (R)Innes, (L)Garrett St
  3:08 St Pauls Primary School
  3:09 Garrett St, (L)Parkes Rd, (R)Berrima Rd, (L)Taylors Ave
  3:20 New Berrima
  3:21 Taylors, (R)Brisbane, (L)Ennis, (L)Howard, (R)Taylors Ave
  3:25 Through Roundabout To Medway
  3:30 Medway Rd, (R)Short, (L)Railway - Loops Back To Medway Rd
  3:35 Berrima General Store, Old Hume Hwy, (L)Argyle St, (R)Oxley, (R)Old Hume Hwy, (L)Olbury - Berrima Rd - Waite St
  3:42 St Pauls International College
  3:42 Load Students In Waite St, (L)Argyle
  3:45 Leighton Gardens
  3:50 Moss Vale High School
  3:53 (L)Illawarra Hwy, (L)Argyle St - Illawarra Hwy
  4:06 (R)Goldenvale Rd. Continue, (L)Hume Hwy
  4:10 Opposite Belanglo Forest Entry, Continue Hume Hwy
  4:15 (L)Illawarra Hwy, (R)Old Argyle - 4:16, (R)Sallys Corner Rd - 4:21
  4:25 Shell Service Centre
  4:27 (L)Freeway Ramp - Hume Freeway, Continue Along Hume Highway, (L)Murrimbah
  4:35 Murrimbah Rd
  4:37 Cross South Bound Lanes With Caution, (R)Hume Highway, (L)Hanging Rock Rd, (L)Hume Hwy
  3:08 Moss Vale Public School
  3:09 Browley, (R)Yarrawa Rd - Mann, (R)Willow, (L)Price, (L)Kennedy, (R)Willow, (L)Argyle St, (R)Valetta, (L)Narellan, (L)Young
  3:20 Moss Vale High School
  3:26 Young, (L)Illawarra, (L)Elizabeth
  3:30 Elizabeth, (L)Kirkham, (R)Mack, (L)Arthur, (R)Spencer, (L)Yarrawa Rd, (R)Broughton, (R)Werai Rd, (L)School Lane
  3:45 Exeter Public School
  3:47 School, (L)Pile, (R)Norwood, (L)Ringwood, (L)Bundanoon Rd - Railway Avenue /Bundanoon Shops - 4:00
  4:03 Railway, (L)Church St, (R)Anzac, (L)Erith-Bromhall, (R)Forwood, (L)Bromhall, (L)Hill, (R)Ebury, (R)Ellsmore, (L)Erith
  4:08 Transfer to PM33
  4:08 Continue North On Erith, (L)Bundanoon Rd To Exeter
  4:11 Exeter Bus Zone, Continue Exeter Rd To Illawarra Hwy Sutton Forest - 4:16 /Continue Illawarra Highway
  4:25 Argyle/Yarrawa - Opp R.S.L. 4:26 /Leighton Gardens 4:27
  4:10 Pick up from PM27
  4:10 Bundanoon Rail
  4:10 Erith, (L)Over Rail Bridge, (R)Penrose Rd
  4:20 Penrose
  4:20 Wingello Rd
  4:35 Wingello
  4:36 Tallong Rd
  4:46 (R)Railway Bridge, (L)Mulwaree - Clockwise Around Tallong Park, (L)Mulwaree
  5:05 Arrive Depot - Drivers Home
  5:15 Finish Drivers Home
  3:05 Moss Vale Public School
  3:05 Browley St, (L)Yarrawa, (L)Argyle, (R)Arthur, (R)Throsby, (L)Bellvue, (R)Lovelle, (R)Spencer - Darran, (L)Monterey, (L)Craig, (L)Yarrawa, (R)Spencer, (L)Arthur, (R)Mack, (L)Kirkham, (R)Elizabeth, (R)Valetta - Narellan, (L)Young
  3:25 Moss Vale High School
  3:27 Young, (L)Illawarra Hwy, (R)Argyle St - Moss Vale Rd, (R)Kings, (L)Church (If Required), (R)Moss Vale Road,
  3:40 Moss Vale Rd - Bong Bong Street, (R)Bowral St, (L)Bendooley St
  3:45 Bowral Public - Bendooley Street
  3:45 Transfer to PM03, PM15, PM10, PM40, PM22, PM20
  3:48 Bendooley St, (R)Boolwey St, (R)St Judes St, (L)Bowral St, (R)Gordon Rd, (L)Ascot, (R)Purcell, (L)Derby - Emily Cct - Rowlands Rd, (L)Boardman, (L)Highland, (R)2nd Isabella, (L)Highland, (L)Boardman
  3:58 Transfer to PM18
  3:59 (L)Boardman, (R)Kangaloon And Continue Along Kangaloon Rd
  4:15 Kangaloon Village, Continue Kangaloon Rd - Caalong St
  4:22 Caalong, (L)Illawarra Highway - Hoddle, (L)Main, (R)May - Turnaround In Blackwood Place, (L)Main, (L)North, (R)Camp, (R)Hoddle
  4:28 Waters General Store Robertson
  5:00 Return Depot
  3:48 Pick up from PM36
  3:50 Boolwey, (R)Station St, Into Bowral Station, (L)Station St, (L)Mittagong Rd
  3:55 Mittagong Rd, (L)Old Bowral
  4:00 (L)Lyell, (L)Cook, (L)Elizabeth, (R)Hood, (L)Richard, (R)William, (R)Spring, (R)Cook, (L)Lyell, (L)Old Hume Hwy, (R)Currockbilly, (L)Berrima, (R)Jellore, (R)Joadja, (R)Meranie,, (L)Kell, (R)Mittagong, (R)Bendooley
  4:12 Welby Garden Centre, Bendooley St - 4:12 /(L) Old Hume, /Mittagong Market Place Highway Bus Stop - 4:15
  4:16 (L)Old Hume, (L)Alice, (L)Alfred
  4:18 Alfred, (L)Victoria, (R)Edward, (R)Pioneer, Continue Into Sunset Point Drive, Anticlockwise, (R)Bessemer
  3:08 Moss Vale Public School
  3:08 Browley, (L)Yarrawa Rd, (L)Argyle, (R)Kings, (L)Church, (R)Moss Vale Rd, (L)Suttor, (L)Semkin, (R)Ball, (L)Trelm, (L)Semkin, (L)Suttor, (R)Hoskins, (L)Hawkins, (L)Argyle
  3:40 Chevalier College
  3:42 Turn Around Chevalier Car Park, (R)Charlotte, (L)Eridge Park Rd-Old South, (R)Emily Circuit-Rowland, (R)Boardman, (R)Old South, (L)Bowral St, (R)Holly, (R)Shepherd, (L)Albert, (R)Merrigang, (L)Old South Rd, (L)Range, (L)Waverly-Bessemer, (R)Old Hume
  4:05 (L)Pioneer, (R)Edward, (L)Victoria, (R)Alfred, (L)Louisa, (R)Leopold, (R)Beatrice, (L)Old Hume Hwy, (L)Braemar, (L)Drapers
  4:15 Drapers - Orient, (L)Willow, (R)Railway, (R)Old Hume Hwy
  4:39 Pick up from PM07
  4:39 Depart Boolwey St - 4:39 /Station & Bowral St Bus Zone - 4:41 /Kangaloon Rd Roundabout - 4:43 /Chevalier College, Moss Vale Rd - 4:48 /Argyle & Mawson Tce - 4:51 /Court House - 4:54
  4:54 Court House - 4:54 /Sutton Forest, Illawarra Hwy & Exeter Rd - 5:01 /Exeter, Opp Main Store - 5:06 /Erith St Bridge - 5:10 /Ellsmore Rd & Bindar Cres - 5:13 /Bundanoon Railway Station - East Side 5:19
  5:19 Bundanoon Railway Station - 5:19 /Rosenthal & Railway Ave - 5:23 /Exeter, Opp Main Store - 5:30 /Sutton Forest, Illawarra Hwy & Exeter Rd - 5:35 /Leighton Gardens - 5:41
  5:42 Court House - 5:42 /Lytton & Berrima Rd - 5:47 /Anembo & Amarina Ave - 5:49 /Dangar & Willow - 5:52 /Willow & Argyle St - 5:56 /Railway & Spring - 6:00 /Monterey Avenue - 6:04 /Leighton Gardens - 6:07
  6:15 Leighton Gardens - 6:15 /Argyle & Mawson Tce - 6:18 /Chevalier College, Moss Vale Rd 6:19 /Boolwey St - 6:25 /Bowral Station - 6:28
  3:08 Moss Vale Public School
  3:10 Browley, (R)Wyatt, (L)Dangar, (R)Campbell, (L)Willow, (L)Argyle, (R)Yarrawa Rd, (R)East, (L)North, (R)Broughton, (R)Merrett, (L)Argyle, (L)Caber, (L)Broughton, (L)North
  3:25 (R)Argyle, (R)Valetta, (R)Villiers, (R)2nd Dengate, (L)Villiers, (R)Narellan, (L)Young
  3:45 Moss Vale High School
  3:50 Transfer to PM24
  3:53 Young, (L)Illawarra Hwy, (L)Argyle
  3:55 Moss Vale Court House
  3:55 Argyle St, (L)Yarrawa, (R)Broughton, (R)North, (L)Argyle - Illawarra Hwy To Sutton Forest, (L)Exeter Rd - 3:57
  4:05 Exeter - 4:05, Continue Bundanoon Rd, (R)Erith - Erith St Bridge, Continue Erith, (R)Ellsmore, (R)Bindar, (L)Ellsmore, (R)Nerrim, (L)Birriga, (R)Old Wingello - Ferndale, (R)Greasons, (R)Bamburgh
  4:25 Greasons, (L)Ferndale - Old Wingello, (R)Hill, (R)Bromhall, (R)Forwood - 2nd Turn (L)Bromhall, (R)Over Bridge, (L)Anzac, (L)Church - Railway
  4:35 Bundanoon Railway Station - East Side
  4:35 Bundanoon Railway Station - Depart
  4:35 Railway Ave, (R)William, (L)Rosenthal
  4:39 (R)Railway - Exeter Road
  4:46 Exeter Bus Shelter - 4:46 /Sutton Forest, Illawarra Hwy & Exeter Rd - 4:51 /Opp Moss Vale Rsl - 4:56 /Leighton Gardens - 4:57
  5:25 Finish At Depot