Special School Services at 02-April-2019

Wollondilly Anglican College

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Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:00 Picton Depot
  7:10 Razorback
  7:12 (R)Jarvisfield, (L)Coldenham, (L)Jan, (R)Weeta, (L)Kyeema, (R)Mallan, (L)Regreme, (R)Argyle, (L)Menangle
  7:20 Picton Shire Hall
  7:21 Menangle, (R)Station
  7:29 (L)Menangle
  7:30 Opposite Picton Shire Hall
  7:31 Menangle, (L)Argyle - Remembrance
  7:43 Tahmoor
  7:44 Remembrance, (R)Wollondilly Anglican
  7:52 Wollondilly Anglican College
  6:45 Kangaloon Rd Roundabout - 06:45 /Kenilworth Gardens - 06:46 /Kangaloon & Old South Rds - 06:48 /Bottom Robinia Drive - 06:51 /Emily & Old South Rds - 07:02 /Boolwey St Terminus - 07:08
  7:08 Boolwey - 07:08 /(R) Station St Into Bowral Railway Station - 07:09 /(L) Station - Mittagong - Bowral Rd, (L)Old Bowral, (L)Lyell, (R)Old Hume, (R)Cavendish, (L)Bowral Rd
  7:16 Caltex Service Station - 07:16 /Bowral Rd, (L Bessemer, (R)Old Hume
  7:20 Mittagong Main Stop - 07:20 /Old Hume Hwy /Mittagong Caravan Park - 07:21
  7:22 Old Hume Hwy & Inkerman Rd - 07:22 /Braemar Lodge - 07:23 /Aylmerton, Opposite Bunnings - 07:24
  7:24 Old Hume Hwy - Onto Freeway, (L)Church St Exit, (R)Across Freeway Overpass
  7:35 Opposite Yerrinbool Station - 07:35 /Old Hume Highway - 07:36 /Yanderra (On Old Hume Hwy) - 07:42
  7:47 Bargo
  7:55 Wollondilly Anglican College
  6:40 Old Bowral Rd, (R)Bowral Rd-Station St, (L)Funston, (R)Moss Vale Rd, (L)Robertson - Illawarra Hwy, (R)Elizabeth, (R)Kirkham, (R)Argyle
  7:00 Moss Vale - Leighton Gardens
  7:00 Argyle - Moss Vale Rd
  7:05 Opposite Chev Gates
  7:20 Bp Mittagong
  7:30 Old Hume Hwy & Rush Lane
  7:32 Opposite Chalkerville Rd Aylmerton
  7:50 Wollondilly Anglican College

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  4:00 Pick up from PM11
  4:01 Old Hume Hwy, (L)Hume Freeway, (L)Colo Vale Exit, (L)Church St, (R)Wilson St, (L)Chalker Cr, (L)Rosina
  4:16 Rosina, (R)Cumberteen, (R)Fitzroy, (R)Madeleine, (L)Raglan, (L)West
  4:17 Hilltop General Store
  4:18 West, (L)Pearce, (L)Elizabeth Way, (L)Rocky Waterholes Rd
  2:38 Wollondilly Anglican College
  2:42 (R)Tyler, (L)Marshall, (R)Remembrance, (R)Old Hume Hwy, (Yanderra Exit), (R)Chandos, (L)Carlisle, (L)Yanderra
  2:50 Yanderra, (R)Old Hume Hwy
  3:00 Yerrinbool, (R)Old Hume Hwy
  3:08 Aylmerton
  3:08 Transfer to PM23
  3:12 Balaclava - Old Hume Hwy, (L)Station
  3:17 Station Street Bus Stop, (R)Regent, (R)Princess, (L)Bowral Rd
  3:25 Boolwey St Bus Stop
  3:35 Chevalier College
  3:36 Charlotte St, (R)Moss Vale Rd - Bong Bong, (R)Bowral, (L)Bendooley
  3:47 Bendooley, (L)Merrigang, (R)Mittagong, (L)Old Bowral Rd, (L)Into Gib Gate School
  3:48 Gib Gate School
  3:48 Old Bowral Rd, (L)Mittagong Rd
  3:51 Old Hume Hwy, (L)Hume Freeway, (L)Bargo Exit - Remembrance, (L)Nooral, (R)Radnor, (R)Noongah
  4:15 Bargo Main Stop
  4:16 (L)Remembrance
  4:20 Tahmoor - 4:20 /Remembrance Dr - 4:21
  4:30 Redbank Shops - 4:30 /Remembrance Dr - 4:31 /Picton Primary - 4:33
  4:34 Remembrance - Argyle, (R)Menangle - 4:34 /Picton Shire Hall - 4:35
  4:35 Menangle, (L)Colden, (L)Margaret, (R)Argyle St, (L)Jarvisfield, (L)Coldenham, (L)Jan, (R)Weeta, (L)Kyeema, (R)Mallam, (L)Regreme, (L)Argyle St - Remembrance Dr
  4:50 Razorback Mountain
  5:00 Arrive Picton Depot
  5:35 Arrive Berrima Depot
  2:40 Wollondilly Anglican College
  2:42 (L)Remembrance Drive, (L)Bronzewing St
  2:50 Tahmoor Public School
  2:51 Bronzewing St, (R)York, (R)Emmett, (R)Remembrance, (R)Bargo River Rd, (L)East Parade
  3:00 East Pde, (R)Over Railway Line, (L)West Pde - Wilson Drive To Balmoral
  3:06 Balmoral - Wilson Dr To Hilltop, (R)Over 1st Rail Crossing, (L)West Pde
  3:10 Hilltop - West Pde, (L)Chalker Cr, (R)Wilson Dr To Colo Vale
  3:17 Colo Vale - (R)Wattle
  3:35 Chevalier College
  3:37 Charlotte, (R)Moss Vale - Bong Bong, (R)Bowral St, (L)Bendooley, (L)Boolwey
  3:40 Transfer to PM22
  3:42 Boolwey, (R)Station, Divert Into Bowral Station, Continue Station - Mittagong Rd - Bowral Rd, (R)Main St - Old Hume
  3:55 Mittagong Caravan Park
  3:55 Transfer to PM06
  3:55 Old Hume, (L)Hume Freeway, (L)Bargo Exit-Remembrance Dr,
  4:15 Bargo Main Stop - Remembrance Dr
  4:16 Remembrance Dr, (L)Panorama, (R)Cambalan, (L)Scott, (R)Hogans, (R)Wellers - Over Rail Bridge, (R)Great Southern Road - Avon Dam Rd, (L)Onto Freeway, (L)Picton Exit, (R)Onto Picton Rd, (L)Almond, (R)Argyle, (L)Camden
  4:35 Wilton Shops
  4:36 Camden, (L)Campsie, (L)Broughton St, (R)Hornby - Oxenbridge, (L)Pembroke, (R)Picton Rd, (L)Wilton Pk Rd To Marcus St, Turn Around At Bus Shed -Wilton Pk Rd, (L)Menangle
  4:50 Picton Shire Hall
  3:45 Pick up from PM11
  3:51 (R)Bong Bong, (L)Wingecarribee, Over Bridge, (R)Kirkham, (L)Centennial Rd, (R)Old Hume Hwy, (L)Into Wombeyan Caves Rest Area
  4:10 Wombeyan Caves Rd Rest Area
  4:10 (R)Old Hume Hwy, (R)Woodlands, (L)Joadja /Cnr Joadja & Greenhills Rd - 16:18 /Joadja Rd
  3:08 Pick up from PM10
  3:08 Chalkerville, (R)Station St, (R)Park Rd, (L)Aylmerton
  3:15 (R)Old South Rd, (R)Bong Bong St, (L)Mary St, (R)Winifred, (L)Colo, (L)Oakland St, (L)Marchmont, (L)Payten St, (L)Webb, (L)Range, (R)Old South Rd, (L)Boardman, (R)Emily Circuit - Derby St
  3:35 Derby, (R)Purcell St, (L)Park Rd
  3:40 Bowral High School
  3:41 (R)Sheffield Rd, (L)Bowral St, (R)Bendooley St, (L)Merrigang, (R)Bong Bong, (R)Mittagong Rd, (L)Old Bowral Rd, (L)Into Gib Gate School
  3:51 Old Bowral Rd, (L)Lyell, (L)Old Hume Hwy, (R)Currockbilly, (L)Berrima, (R)Jellore, (R)Joadja, (R)Meranie, (L)Bowral, (R)Bendooley, (R)Mittagong, (L)Meranie, (R)Old Hume Hwy
  4:08 Wombeyan Caves Rd Rest Area
  4:08 Wombeyan Caves Rd, (R)Kells Creek Rd, (L)Spring Hill Rd, (R)Wombeyan Caves Rd
  4:45 Wombeyan Caves Fire Shed
  4:50 Continue Wombeyan Caves Rd To End Of Sealed Road.
  2:40 Wollondilly Anglican College
  2:40 (R)Remembrance Dr, (R)Tylers, (L)Marshall, (R)Remembrance-Hume Hwy, (L)Mittagong Exit - Old Hume Hwy, (L)Chalkerville, (R)Station, (R)Park, (R)Aylmerton, (L)Old Hume
  3:00 (L)Renwick Dr, (R)Bong Bong Rd, (L)Southey, (L)Payten, (R)Webb, (L)Range, (R)Old South Rd, (L)Boardman, (R)Kangaloon, (L)Eridge Park Rd, (R)Charlotte
  3:35 Chevalier College
  3:35 Charlotte, (L)Moss Vale Rd, (L)Illawarra Hwy, (R)Pine, (L)Valetta - Narellan Rd, (L)Young St
  3:45 Moss Vale High School
  3:45 Young St, (L)Illawarra Hwy, (L)Elizabeth, (R)Kirkham, (R)Argyle
  3:50 Leighton Gardens
  3:50 Argyle St - Moss Vale Rd, (R)Bowral St, (L)Bendooley, (L)Boolwey, (R)Station - Mittagong Rd - Bowral Rd, (L)Old Bowral Rd