Special School Services at 01-August-2022

Eglinton Public School

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:50 Lyal, (R)Russell, (L)Havannah, (R)Brilliant
  7:56 Mitchell Hwy, (L)Cardina
  8:00 Wentworth Estate
  8:00 (L)Hartwood Drive - Turn Around At End - Hartwood, Return To Bus Shelter - Continue Hartwood. Turn Around At End Of Hartwood - Return Hartwood
  8:05 (L)Cardina, (R)Mitchell Hwy, (L)Bradwardine
  8:10 (L)Evernden, (L)Colville
  8:13 (L)Suttor, (R)Opperman, (R)Larkin, (L)Bradwardine
  8:18 (R)Suttor, (R)Alexander, (L)Vittoria Continue Brilliant,
  8:21 St Stanislaus College
  8:21 Brilliant, (R)Havannah, (L)Prospect, (R)Rose, (R)Vine - Drop In Vine - Children To Cross At Crossing With Lollipop Lady
  8:25 South Bathurst Public School
  8:25 (R)Havannah, (L)Rocket, (R)Seymour
  8:25 Centennial Park
  8:25 Pick up AM11
  8:25 (L)Lambert, (L)Rankin, (L)Rocket
  8:30 Bathurst Public School
  8:30 Rocket, (L)Bentnick, (R)Russell, (L)Havannah, (L)Howick
  8:34 Acropole
  8:34 Howick, (L)George
  8:35 Cathedral School
  8:35 George, (R)Piper, (R)Rankin, (L)Keppel
  8:40 Bathurst High School
  8:40 (R)Mitre, (L)Howick, (R)Macquarie
  8:45 (L)Golsby, (L)Esrom, (L)Keppel, (R)Mitre
  8:47 Assumption School
  8:47 (R)Suttor, (R)Bradwardine, (L)Evernden, (L)Colville, (L)Suttor, (R)Opperman, (R)Larkin, (L)Bradwardine, (R)Suttor
  9:00 West Bathurst Public School
  9:00 (L)Mitre
  9:05 Assumption School
  9:05 (L)Esrom, (L)Durham, (R)Abercrombie - U Turn At Roundabout, (R)Eglinton Rd, (L)Westbourne, (R)Ophir Rd, (L)Joubert, (R)Carlyle, (R)Oaklands, (R)Ophir, (L)Westbourne, (L)Eglinton, (L)Logan, (R)Alexander
  9:18 Eglinton Public School
  8:00 (R)Russell, (L)Havannah
  8:03 (L)College, (L)Currawong
  8:05 (R)Lloyds Rd, (L)Bant, (L)Rose, (R)Prospect
  8:10 (R)Busby, (L)Torch, (L)Rocket, (R)Seymour
  8:13 Centennial Park
  8:13 Transfer to AM02
  7:45 Lyal, (L)Russell - Gormans Hill Rd
  7:48 (R)Lloyds, (R)Vale Rd, (L)Rocket, (R)Havannah, (L)Lambert
  7:52 (L)William, (L)Rocket, (R)Havannah, (L)Prospect, (R)Rose, (R)Vine, (R)Havannah
  7:55 (L)Brilliant, (R)Stewart, (L)Russell
  8:00 (L)Mitre, (R)Suttor, (R)Hawkins
  8:04 (R)Woodward, (L)Osborne
  8:08 (L)Read, (R)Bradwardine, (L)Evernden
  8:09 (L)Colville, (L)Suttor, (R)Opperman
  8:15 (R)Larkin, (L)Bradwardine, (R)Suttor, (L)Mitre, (L)Esrom, (L)Eglinton Rd (Drop All Saints Outside In Eglinton Rd)
  8:22 All Saints College
  8:22 Eglinton Rd, (L)Westbourne, (R)Ophir Rd, (L)Joubert, (R)Carlyle, (R)Oaklands, (R)Ophir Rd, (L)Farmgate, (L)Country, (R)Farmgate, (L)Ophir Rd, (L)Westbourne
  8:35 (L)Eglinton Rd, Continue Rankin Bridge Rd, (L)Logan, (R)Alexander
  8:38 Eglinton Public School
  6:50 Lyal, (R)Russell, (R)Havannah, (L)Durham - Eglington Rd, (R)Rankin Bridge, (L)Logan, (R)Mill, (L)Freemantle
  7:10 Continue Freemantle Rd, (R)Billywillinga
  7:15 (R)Perigrine, U Turn At End
  7:22 (R)Billywillinga, (L)Long Ridge Rd
  7:25 U Turn At Priors Lane Intersection, (R)Billywillinga Rd, (L)Freemantle, (L)Willow Tree Ln
  7:40 (R)Spring Cl, U Turn At End
  7:45 (R)Willow Tree Ln, (L)Wylchris Ln, U Turn At End Of Rd, (L)Willow Tree Ln, U Turn 5.5km, (L)Mt Rankin Rd
  8:00 (L)Howard Dr, (L)Howards Dr U Turn At End Of Ln, (R)Howards Dr, Continue Mt Rankin Rd
  8:08 Woodside Dr Bus Shelter
  8:12 Continue Mt Rankin Rd,(L)Freemantle,(R)Mill Ln,(L)Logan,(L)Alexander
  8:15 Eglinton Public School

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:40 Eglinton Public School
  3:40 Continue Alexander, (L)Wellington, (R)Duramana, (R)Loren, (R) Cox Ln, Continue Hamilton St
  3:50 Continue Eglinton Rd, (R)Westbourne, (R)Ophir Rd, (L)Joubert, (R)Carlyle, (R)Oaklands, (R)Ophir Rd, (L)Farmgate, (L)Country, (R)Farmgate, (L)Ophir Rd, (L)Westbourne, (R)Eglinton Rd
  4:00 Abercrombie Bus Shelter
  4:00 Continue Eglinton Rd, (R)Bradwardine, (R)Evernden, (L)Colville, (L)Suttor,(R)Opperman, (R)Larkin, (R)Bradwardine, (R)Mitchell Hwy, (L)Cardinia
  4:10 Wentworth Bus Shelter
  4:10 Cardinia, (R)Mitchell Hwy - If Students Still On, (L)Bradwardine, (R)Suttor, (R)Lambert, (R)Peel, (L)Vittoria - Brilliant, (L)Havannah, (R)Russell, (L)Lyal
  4:10 Eglinton Public School
  4:10 (L)Wellington, (R)Duramana, (R)Loren, (R)Cox Ln, Continue Hamilton St, Continue Eglinton, Continue Durham, (R)Esrom, (L)Golsby, (L)Macquarie, (R)Durham, (R)Havannah, (L)Russell-Gormans Hill , (L)Fish Pde, (R)Gormans Hill - Russell, (R)Lyal
  3:48 Eglinton Public School
  3:48 Alexander, (L)Wellington, (R)Duramana, (R)Loren, (R)Cox, (L)Eleven Mile Drive, (R)Gilmour, (L)Laffing Waters, (L)Mcgill, (L)Half Penny
  4:00 (R)James Barnett, (R)Laffing Waters, (L)Gilmour
  4:08 (L)Marsden, (R)Willow, (L)Illumba, (R)Marsden, (R)Hughes, (R)Boyd, (L)Bonnor, (R)Ashworth, (R)Sydney Rd, (L)Havannah, (L)Russell, (L)Lyal
  3:55 Eglinton Public School
  3:55 Continue Alexander, (R)Logan
  3:56 (R)Mill Ln, (L)Freemantle
  3:59 (R)Mt Rankin Rd
  4:00 (R)Woodside, U Turn At End, (R)Mt Rankin Rd - Howards Dr
  4:09 Howards Drive, U Turn At End, (R)Mt Rankin Rd
  4:14 Continue Wylchris Ln - U Turn
  4:17 (L)Willow Tree Ln, U Turn 5.5km, Continue Willow Tree Ln
  4:24 (L)Spring Cl, U Turn At End, (L)Willow Tree Ln, (R)Freemantle
  4:39 (R)Billywillinga Rd, (L)Long Ridge Rd, U Turn Priors Ln Intersection, (R)Billywillinga
  4:59 (L)Peregrine Rd, U Turn At End, (L)Billywillinga, (L)Freemantle To Bathurst Depot
  5:35 Finish Bathurst Depot