Special School Services at 17-September-2020

Lake Wyangan Public School

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:00 Special To Griffith Railway Station
  7:36 Arrive Waddi
  7:43 (R)Sturt Hwy, (R)Kidman Way
  7:44 (L)DeMamiel, (R)Hay Rd
  7:46 (L)Campbell, (R)Corbett
  7:46 (R)Kook, (R)Chant
  7:48 (L)White, (R)Ross, (L)Hay Rd
  7:50 (L)Carrington / Hay Rd, (R)Bridge / Main Rd 321 - Narrand / Main Rd 321
  7:53 (L)Uri / Main Rd 321, Continue To Hanwood, (R)School St
  8:14 Hanwood Public School
  8:15 (R)Stanbridge, (R)Yarran, (R)Main Rd 321
  8:19 (L)Stafford
  8:21 (R)Sidlow, (R)Merrigal, (L)Willandra
  8:21 Griffith High School
  8:21 Griffith Public School
  8:22 Coolah,(L)Murrumbidgee,(R)Merrigal,(L)Willmouth,(R)Watson, (L)Middleton, (L)Little,
  8:29 (R)Foreshaw,(L)Murrumbidgee,(L)Riverdale, (L)Murrumbidgee,(R)Kookora,(R)Kooringal,(L)Animoo,(R)Warrambool
  8:37 St Patricks Primary School
  8:37 Transfer to AM08
  8:05 (R)Wakaden, (L)Clifton, (R)Hillam, (L)Calabria, (R)Clifton, (L)Dussin, (L)Alexander
  8:17 (L)Nichols, (R)Robertson, (R)Clifton, (R)Doolan, (R)Blumer, (L)Poole
  8:23 Wade High School
  8:23 Poole, (L)McCudden, (R)Turnell, (L)Bugno, (L)Clifton
  8:26 (R)Burley, (L)Webster, (R)Hoad, (L)Sanders, (R)Poole, (L)Blumer, (R)Probert
  8:30 Marion Catholic High School
  8:30 Probert, (R)Macarthur, (L)Konoa, (L)Warrambool
  8:37 St Patricks Primary School
  8:37 Pick up AM02, AM13
  8:37 (R)Warrambool, (R)Animoo, (L)Konoa, (L)Gordon, (R)Ortella, (L)Kelly, (L)Wood, (R)Wyangan, (L)Dickson, (R)Nelson - 2nd Entrance, (L)Dickson, (L)Wyangan
  8:50 (L)Mallinson, (L)Lakes, (L)Slopes, (L)Abattoir, (R)Mallinson, (L)Boorga
  9:00 Lake Wyangan Public School
  7:35 (L)Wakaden, (R)Beal, (L)Noorebar - Animoo, (L)Wyangan, (L)Abattoir, (R)Mallinson, (L)Lakes Rd, (R)Slopes
  7:50 Turn Around Slopes Rd At Farm 1762, (R)Deluca
  7:56 (L)Dunn - Tharbogang, (L)Lakes, (R)Mallinson, (L)Abattoir, (L)Boorga
  8:07 Lake Wyangan Public School

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:43 Griffith North Public School
  3:43 Pick up from PM09
  3:44 Kooba - Carrathool, (R)Barellan, (L)Binya, (R))Illiliwa, (L)Wakaden
  3:46 Marion Catholic High School
  3:47 Wakaden
  3:48 Griffith East Public School
  3:48 Wakaden, (L)Blumer, (R)Poole
  3:50 Wade High School
  3:50 Poole, (L)Mccudden, (L)Clifton, (R)Hillam, (R)Calabria, (L)Beelbangera Rd, (R)Bilbul
  4:02 (R)Winery Rd, (R)Bilbul Rd - Macedone, (L)Rossetto, (L)Ireland
  4:09 (R)Moseley, (L)Yenda Rd / Main Rd 254, (L)Mirrool - Bibul Store, (R)The Crescent, (R)Yenda Rd / Main Rd 254
  4:16 (L)Lawrence, (R)Hamilton, (R)Leeton Rd - Mackay Ave, Banna Ave - Court House
  6:08 Court House
  6:08 Special To Depot
  3:15 Lake Wyangan Public School
  3:17 Wyangan, (L)Boorga, (R)Mallinson, (L)Lakes, (R)Kidman, (L)Braithwaite
  3:30 Tharbogang Public School
  3:30 U Turn Braithwaite, (R)Kidman, (L)Lakes, (R)Slopes, (L)Abattoir, (R)Wyangan, (L)Animoo - Kooba,
  3:40 Griffith North Public School
  3:40 Transfer to PM06
  3:40 Kooba, (R)Noorebar, (R)Warrambool
  3:41 St Patricks Primary School
  3:41 (R)Warrambool, (R)Konoa, (L)Gordon, (L)Ortella, (R)Wyangan, (L)Northgrove, (L)Wyangan
  3:49 (L)Dickson, (R)Nelson, (L)Dickson
  3:52 (R)Wyangan, (R)Palla, (R)Kooringal, (L)Kookora, (L)Willandra, (R)Coolah
  3:55 Griffith High School
  3:55 Griffith Public School
  3:56 Coolah, (R)Murrumbidgee, (L)Benerembah, (L)Kuttamulla, (L)Kookora, (R)Griffin, (L)Yarrabee, (R)Bringan, (R)Merrigal
  4:00 (L)Brayne, (L)Rose - Harward, (L)Moses
  4:05 (R)Erskine, (R)Walla, (L)Middleton, (L)Watson, (R)Walla, (R)Erskine, (L)Willmouth
  4:12 (R)Merrigal - Ulong, (R)Couch, (R)Jondaryan-Kidman Way,(R)School,(L)Andreatta,(R)Leonard,(L)Old Willbriggie
  4:25 (L)Eipper, (R)Holt, (R)Oakes,(Lenehan, (R)Banna, (L)Blumer, (R)Wakaden
  4:10 Lake Wyangan Public School
  4:10 Turn Around Boorga, (R)Abattoir, (R)Mallinson, (L)Lakes, (R)Dunn, (R)Deluca, (L)Slopes Turn Around Farm 1762 - Slopes Rd, (L)Lakes, (R)Mallinson, (L)Abattoir, (R)Wyangan, (R)Animoo - Noorebar, (R)Beal, (L)Wakaden