Special School Services at 01-August-2022

Mount Victoria Public School

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:15 (R)Donald, (L)Tank, (R)Main,
  7:20 Main, (L)Lithgow, (L)Hassans Walls, (R)Methven, (L)Musket , (R)Bayonet, (L)Great Western Highway
  7:30 Strathlone Estate
  7:30 Great Western Hwy
  7:43 Opposite Coxs River Rd - Hartley
  7:53 Cnr Great Western Highway & Mount York Rd
  7:55 Darling Causeway
  8:00 Great Western Highway - Wentworth Falls
  8:15 (L)Adele, (L)Matcham
  8:20 Blue Mountains Grammar School (Wentworth Falls)
  8:22 Turn Around At Roundabout, (R)Adele - Across Gt Western Hwy Into Falls Rd
  8:23 Wentworth Falls Public School
  8:23 Falls, (R)Armstrong, (R)Pritchard, (L)Great Western Hwy
  8:28 Leura Public School
  8:38 Great Western Highway - Blackheath - Pick Up Near Govetts Leap
  8:44 (R)Great Western Highway, (L)Grandview, (L)Victoria
  8:45 Mount Victoria Public School
  7:21 Lithgow Railway - Main, (R)Esbank, (L)Mort, (L)Bridge , (L)Main
  7:23 Court House Hotel
  7:45 Main, (L)Tank, (R)Donald, (L)Inch Into Bells Rd Turn Around Oakey Park
  7:50 Bells Into Inch, (R)Atkinson, (L)Laidley, (R)Macauley, Turn Around At Mount St, Macauley, (L)Tank
  7:58 Lithgow Workmens Club
  8:00 Tank Into Bridge, (R)Mort, (L)Lithgow
  8:02 St Patricks Primary School
  8:03 Lithgow , (L)Kirkland Link Into Hassans Walls Rd, (R)Birdwood Across Wrights Into Birdwood Lane, (L)Methven
  8:05 Smalls Arms Factory
  8:07 (R)Musket, (L)Lee, (L)Great Western Hwy, (L)Rabaul , (R)La Salle Academy Access Road
  8:10 La Salle Academy
  8:13 (L)Rabaul, (L)Great Western Highway Proceed Down River Lett Hill With Caution Into Hartley And Proceed To Mount Victoria
  8:35 Gt Western Hwy, (L)Mt York Rd, (R)St Georges Pde, (R)Chatsworth, (R)Salisbury, (R)Balmoral, (L)Mt York Rd, (L)Gt Western Hwy, (R)Grandview, (L)Victoria
  8:45 Mount Victoria Public School

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:00 Mount Victoria Public School
  3:00 Victoria, (L)Hooper, (L)Great Western Hwy, (R)Darling Causeway , (R)Harley, (L)Great Western Hwy
  3:10 (L)Great Western Hwy, (L)Take Leura Exit, (L)Leura Mall, (R)Britain, (R)Mt Hay Rd
  3:25 Leura Public School
  3:25 Mt Hay Rd, (R)Willow Park Rd, (L)Great Western Highway, (L)Adele Ave, (L)Matcham Ave
  3:35 Blue Mountains Grammar School (Wentworth Falls)
  3:35 Matcham, (R)Adele - Across Gt Western Hwy - Into Falls Rd
  3:37 Wentworth Falls Public School
  3:37 Falls, (R)Armstrong, (R)Pritchard, (L)Great Western Hwy
  3:45 Great Western Highway
  3:55 (R)Great Western Hwy
  4:10 Great Western Hwy, (R)Mid Hartley, Turn Around At Franks Place, (R)Great Western Highway,
  4:20 (R)Bayonet, (L)Musket, (R)Methven, (L)Hassans Walls, (R)Lithgow, (R)Main, (L)Tank, (R)Donald
  4:40 Arrrive Depot