Special School Services at 01-August-2022

Cullen Bullen Public School

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:30 Pick Up Lithgow School Children To Be Transferred To Route AM09 At Cullen Bullen
  7:33 Cullen Bullen Road, Carsons Siding Rd
  7:50 Carsons Siding (R) Watson, (L)Mudgee Rd To Capertee
  8:00 Pick Up Near Police Station, Mudgee Road To Ben Bullen
  8:10 Ben Bullen Mudgee Road
  8:20 Castlereagh Highway - Cullen Bullen - Castlereagh Highway
  8:22 (R)Carsons Siding,
  8:23 Carsons Siding Rd - Cullen Bullen
  8:27 Cullen Bullen Road - Parkview
  8:30 Pick Up At Limestone Creek Road Continue To High Street
  8:32 Pick Up At High/Roxborough Continue Along High Street, (R)Williwa
  8:32 St Josephs School (Portland)
  8:33 Williwa (L)Lett, (R)Cox, (L)Villiers
  8:35 Portland Central School
  8:35 Villiers, (L)Wolgan, (R)Williwa
  8:35 Pick Up Opposite Commonwealth Road Continue Along Williwa Street
  8:36 (R)Railway, (L)Main , (L)Corlette, (L)Thompson, (L)Railway, (R)Williwa
  8:40 St Josephs School (Portland)
  8:40 Williwa, (L) Lett, (R) Cox, (L)Villiers
  8:45 Portland Central School
  8:45 (L)Wolgan, (R)Williwa, (L)High - Cullen Bullen Road - Carsons Siding Road, (R) Watson, (L)Castlereagh Hwy
  9:00 Cullen Bullen Public School

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:00 Cullen Bullen Public School
  3:00 Castlereagh Hwy, (L)Carson Siding - Portland Rd - Cullen Bullen Rd - High St, (R)Williewa
  3:20 St Josephs School
  3:20 Williewa, (L)Portland St, (L)Commonwealth, (R)Williwa,, (R)Railway, (L)Main, (L)Corlett, (L)Thompson, (L)Railway, (R)Williewa, (L)Lett, (R)Cox, (L)Villiers
  3:33 Portland Central School
  3:33 Villiers, (L)Wolgan, (R)Williewa, (R)Railway, (L)Main, (L)Corlette, (L)Thompson, (L)Railway, (R)Williewa, (R)High - Cullen Bullen - Portland Rd - Carson Siding, (R)Watson, (L)Castlereagh Hwy To Capertee
  4:15 (L)Past Capertee School Onto Railway Land And Turn Around
  4:16 Castlereagh Hwy, (R)Carsons Siding
  4:40 Carsons Siding - Portland Rd - Cullen Bullen Rd
  4:45 Cullen Bullen Rd - Portland Rd - Carsons Siding, (R)Watson Ave
  4:50 Arrrive Cullen Bullen Parking Site