Special School Services at 01-August-2022

Lue Public School

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:35 Oxley - Noyes, (L)Rodgers - Pick Up 77 Rodgers
  7:37 Rodgers, (L)Dabee, (L)Dangar - Pick Up 52 Dangar - Continue Dangar
  7:40 (R)Angus, (L)Ilford, (R)Lloyd, (L)Cairo, (L)Anzac - Pick Up 3 Anzac
  7:43 Anzac, (L)Ilford - Bylong Valley Way To Rylstone, (L)Piper - Pick Up 20 Piper
  7:53 Continue Piper, (R)Louee, (R)Cox, (L)Mudgee - Pick Up Mudgee St Before Cudgegong St Outside Church, (L)Cudgegong, (R)Louee Over Bridge Onto Bylong Valley Way
  8:03 (L)Lue, (R)Pyangle Rd - Pick Up Pyangle Rd (Alkoomi) Turn Around - Return Pyangle, (R)Lue
  8:18 (R)Over Level Crossing, (R)Cox Pick Up 132 Cox St
  8:28 Turn Around - Cox, (L)Over Level Crossing, (R)Lue Rd
  8:40 (R)Hayes Gap Rd - Pick Up Students - Turn Around
  8:41 (L)Lue Rd
  8:50 Lue Public School

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:03 Lue Public School
  3:03 (L)Swanston - Lue Rd, (R)Hayes Gap Rd - Set Down Turn Around Hayes Gap Rd
  3:15 (L)Lue Rd, (L)Level Crossing, (R)Cox Set Down - Turn Around Cox Rd
  3:26 (L)Over Railway Crossing, (L)Lue Rd, (L)Pyangle - Set Down 290 Pyangle
  3:36 (L)Lue, (R)Bylong Valley Rd - Across Bridge - Onto Louee St Rylstone, (L)Cudgegong, (R)Mudgee Set Down Opposite Chruch In Mudgee St - Continue Mudgee, (R)Cox, (L)Louee
  3:46 (L)Piper - Set Down 20 Piper - Piper Across Main Rd,(R)Mills St - Set Down National Parks Office
  3:48 Mills, (R)Fitzgerald, (L)Ilford Rd - Bylong Valley Way, (R)Lloyd, (L)Cairo, (L)Anzac Set Down, 3 Anzac
  3:55 Ilford Rd, (R)Angus Ave Over Bridge Continue Angus Ave
  3:58 Iga - Angus Ave, (L)Dabee, (L)Mcdonald, (R)Dangar
  4:00 Set Down 52 Dangar, (R)Noyes, (L)Rodgers - Set Down 77 Rodgers
  4:10 Arrive Kandos Depot