Special School Services at 14-October-2019

Mount Annan Christian College

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  6:15 Wonga Rd, (R)Argyle St, (R)Menangle Rd - Picton Rd, (L)Almond St, (R)Argyle St - Wilton Rd, (L)Douglas Park Dr, (R)Mitchell Pl Turn Around At End
  6:40 Mitchell Pl, (L)Douglas Park Dr, (L)Dredge Av Turn Around At End Dredge Av, (L)Douglas Park Dr, (R)Wilton Rd - Argyle St, (R)Camden Rd
  6:53 Wilton Shops
  6:53 Camden Rd, (L)Campsie St, (L)Broughton St, (R)Hornby St - Oxenbridge Rd, (R)Pembroke Pde, U-Turn At Sales Centre Roundabout - Pembroke Pde, (R)Picton Rd
  7:03 (L)Wilton Park Rd Turn Around At Marcus Street Bus Shed (7.08am) - Wilton Park Rd, (L)Picton Road
  7:17 (R)Menangle Rd To Douglas Park, (R)Camden Rd, (R)Nepean, (R)Durham, (R)Jenkins St, (L)Camden, (R)Into Bus Bay Outside Douglas Park Public School
  7:30 Douglas Park Public School - Pick Up Only
  7:31 (R)Camden, (R)Menagle
  7:32 Menangle Rd, (L)Finns Rd, (R)Remembrance Dr To Wire Lane Interchange
  7:41 Transfer to AM02
  6:30 Wonga Rd, (L)Remembrance Dr, (L)Wellers Rd, (R)Great Southern Rd
  6:47 (R)2nd Rail Bridge, (R)Remembrance Dr
  6:48 Remembrance Dr, (L)Noongah St, (R)Kader St, (R)Panorama St, (L)Cambalan St, (L)Hambridge Rd, (R)Elvy St, (R)Wellers Rd, (L)Remebrance Dr
  7:00 K F C Tahmoor
  7:00 Remembrance Dr, (L)Thirlmere Wy, (R)Castlereagh St, (L)Park, (L)Milne St, (R)Thirlmere Wy
  7:03 Thirlmere/Milne - Thirlmere Way
  7:05 Thirlmere/Denmead - Thirlmere Way
  7:10 Thirlmere Roundabout - Continue Along Thirlmere Way
  7:13 East Gates
  7:15 Q V Hospital - Thirlmere Way, (L)Argyle St
  7:19 Argyle Opposite Coper Street - Behind AM22 Rabbit
  7:19 Pick up AM03, AM05, AM09, AM10
  7:20 Continue Argyle, (R)Menangle St
  7:23 Shire Hall - Continue Menangle, (R)Station St
  7:25 Picton Railway Station
  7:25 (L)Menangle St
  7:28 St Anthonys School - Picton
  7:28 (R)Argyle St - Remembrance
  7:33 Razorback Lookout - Remembrance - Former Hume Hwy
  7:46 Remembrance Dr/Wire Lane Interchange - Former Hume Hwy
  7:46 Pick up AM01, AM10
  7:48 (L)Old Hume Hwy, (R)Menangle St, (L)Broughton St, (R)Murray St (R)Argyle St, (L)Oxley St, (R)Mitchell Pl, (R)John St
  7:55 Camden - John Street
  7:56 (L)Argyle - Camden Valley Way, (R)Smeaton Grange, (L)Into Magdalene
  8:03 Magdalene Catholic High School
  8:04 (L)Smeaton Grange, (L)Sedwick, (R)Hartley, (L) Narellan Rd, (L)Into Mt Annan Christian College
  8:15 Mount Annan Christian College
  6:45 Wonga Rd, (L)Argyle St, (R)Thirlmere Wy, (L)Milne St, (R)Bronzewing St, (L)Byron Rd, (R) Nattai St, (L)Colo St, (R)Bargo River Rd, (L)East Pde
  7:00 (L)Wallaroo Rd, (R)Grevillea Rd, (R)Matcham Rd, (R)East Pde
  7:02 Opposite Buxton Shops
  7:03 (L)Over Rail Bridge, (R)West - Barbour, (R)Oaks Rd, (L)Thirlmere Wy, (L)Argyle
  7:19 Cowper St Interchange
  7:19 Transfer to AM02
  6:55 Wonga Rd, (L)Remembrance Dr, (L)River Rd, (R)Moorland Rd, (L)Tahmoor Rd, (R)Abelia St, (R)Progress St, (R)Remembrance Dr, (L)Thirlmere Wy
  7:05 K F C Tahmoor
  7:10 Thirlmere Roundabout - Continue Thirlmere Way, (L)Argyle St
  7:19 Argyle St - Opposite Cowper Street
  7:19 Transfer to AM02
  6:40 Wonga Rd, (R)Argyle St, (L)Barkers Lodge Rd, (L)The Vintage To The Roundabout
  6:50 Back Along The Vintage, (L)Barkers Lodge Rd, (L)Fergusson Rd, (L)Lakesland Rd - Oaks Rd - Oaks St Thirlmere
  7:10 Thirlmere Roundabout, (L)Thirlmere Wy, (R)Bridge St, (L)Remembrance Dr To The Interchange
  7:18 Cowper Street Interchange
  7:19 Transfer to AM02
  7:10 Wonga Rd, (R)Remembrance - Argyle St To Interchange
  7:15 Cowper St Interchange
  7:18 Transfer to AM02
  7:18 Continue Argyle St
  7:21 Picton Bowling Club, Argyle St, (L)Regreme Rd
  7:22 Regreme Rd, (R)Mallam Rd, (L)Kyeema St, (R)Weeta St, (L)Jan St, (R)Coldenham Rd, (R)Jarvisfield Rd, (L)Remembrance Dr
  7:33 Razorback
  7:40 Wire Lane And Remembrance
  7:40 Transfer to AM02