Special School Services at 08-May-2021

Thirlmere Public School

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:20 Railway St Bus Shed Colo Vale, (R)Elm, (R)Pine, (R)Wattle St, (L)Wilson Dv
  7:28 Wilson Dv, (L)Chalker Over Rail Bridge, (R)West Pde
  7:30 Hilltop Shops
  7:30 Hilltop Shops West, (R)Fitzroy St (Over Rail Line), (L)Wilson Dr
  7:36 Balmoral Wilson Dve
  7:44 Continue Wilson Dv, (L)Boundary Rd, (R)Buxton Av - Turn Around End Of Buxton Ave Return Along Buxton Ave, (L)Boundary Rd, (L)West Pde, (R)Over Railway Line
  7:52 Buxton Shoping Centre
  7:53 (L)Matcham Rd, (L)Grevillea Rd, (L)Wallaroo Rd, (R)East Pde, (R)South St, (L)Meryla (R)Bargo River Rd, (R)Remembrance Dr, (R)Wollondilly Anglican College
  8:05 Wollondilly Anglican College
  8:08 (L)Remembrance Dr,
  8:14 K F C Tahmoor - Remembrance Dr, (R)Into Picton High
  8:20 Picton High School
  8:21 (L)Remembrance Dr, (R)Thirlmere Wy, (L)Milne St, (R)Bronzewing St, (L)Byron Rd
  8:28 Byron Rd, (R)Nattai St, (R)Station St
  8:34 Station St, (R)Boundary Rd, (L)Thirlmere St, (R)Turner St, (L)Bell St, (R)Denmead, (R)Thirlmere Way, (R)Bridge, (L)Darley, (R)Thirlmere Way To Stonequarry Roundabout
  8:40 Thirlmere Wy, (R)East Gates
  8:42 (L)Richardson Rd, (R)Cedar Creek Rd, (L)Shellys, (L)L Oaks Rd, (R)Estonian Rd, (L)Bonds Rd, (L)Lakes St, (L)Barbour Rd, (L)Oaks St, (L)Goodlett St
  8:55 Thirlmere Public School
  7:00 Wonga Rd, (L) Remembrance, (L) Rockford - Arina
  7:12 (L)Pheasants Nest Rd, (L)Lyrebird - Turn Around Half Way Down At The Turnaround - Lyrebird, (L)Pheasants Nest Rd - To The End - Follow Loop Around, (L)Nightingale Rd, (R)Mockingbird Rd, (R)Dwyers Rd, (L)Arina Rd
  7:38 (R)Reservoir Rd, (R)Great Southern Rd, (L)Wellers Rd
  7:45 Wellers Rd, (L)Elvy St, (L)Hambridge Rd, (R)Cambalan St, (R)Panorama St, (L)Kader St, (L)Noongah St, (L)Remembrance Dr, (L)Into Caloola Rd Access Rd, (L)Remembrance
  8:00 Wollondilly Anglican College
  8:00 (L)Remembrance Dr, (L)Bronzewing St, (R)York St, (L)Thirlmere Wy
  8:05 (L)Castlereagh St, (R)Market St, (R)Milne St Across Thirlmere Way
  8:10 (R)Park St, (R)Castlereagh St, (L)Thirlmere Wy, (L)Remembrance Dr
  8:20 Picton High School
  8:21 (L)Remembrance Dr, (R)Thirlmere Wy
  8:30 (R)Jarvis, (L)Dennis, (L)Bell St, (R)Thirlmere Way, (R)Turner, (L)Brundah, (L)Marion, (L)Rita, (R)Turner St
  8:34 Thirlmere Public School
  7:10 Wonga Rd, (R)Argyle St, (L)Barkers Lodge Rd To Oakdale, (L)Burragorang Rd, (R)Into Oakdale Primary Bus Bay
  7:40 Oakdale Primary Bus Bay - Burragorang Rd, (R)Barkers Lodge Rd, (R)Nolans Rd Turn Around Area
  7:50 Nolans Rd Turn Around Area, (R)Barkers Lodge Rd
  7:56 Barkers Lodge Rd, (R)Fergusson Rd - Ruddocks - To Scroggies At Farm
  8:00 Ruddocks Rd, (R)Lakesland Rd, (L)Mulhollands Rd
  8:10 (R)Cedar Creek Rd, (L)Burns, (L)Kendall, (R)Addison
  8:20 Continue Kendall St, (R)Burns - Sandy , (L)Oaks, (R)Goodlett
  8:30 Thirlmere Public School

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:03 Thirlmere Public School
  3:03 Goodlett St, (L)Mason St, (L)Barbour Rd - Westbourne Ave, (L)Cedar Creek Rd, (R)Nixon Rd, (R)Kendall, (R)Addison St
  3:10 Continue Kendall St - Burns Rd , (R)Cedar Creek Rd, (L)Mulhollands Rd, (R)Oaks Rd - Lakesland Rd, (L)Ruddocks Rd Turn Around At Scroggies
  3:20 Scroggies Turnaround - Ruddocks - Fergusson, (R)Barkers Lodge Rd To Picton
  3:36 (L)Argyle, (R)Margaret, (R)Colden, (R)Menangle St
  3:40 St Anthonys School
  3:41 Menangle St, (L)Argyle
  3:44 Picton Public School
  3:45 Argyle St, (L)Into Picton High
  3:48 Picton High School
  3:48 (L)Argyle - Remembrance Dr - Railside Dr Bargo, (R)Tylers Rd - Silica Rd, (R)Carlisle St, (L)Yanderra Rd, (L)Harley St, Chandos Rd, (L) Remembrance Dr
  4:40 Arrive Depot - Complete Tasks As Per Driver Manual
  3:03 Thirlmere Public School
  3:03 Goodlett St, (L)Mason St, (L)Barbour Rd, (R)Oaks St, (R)Thirlmere Wy, (R)Station St, (L)Nattai St, (L)Kangaroo Rd - Denmead St, (L)Bronzewing St, (L)Milne St, (R)Market St, (L)Fraser St, (R)Thirlmere Way, (L)York St, Cross Remembrance Dr, Myrtle Creek Ave, (L)Moorland Rd, (L)River Rd
  3:24 River Rd, (R) Remembrance Dr, (R)Picton High School
  3:30 Picton High School
  3:31 (R)Remembrance Dr - Argyle, (L)Regreme Rd, (R)Mallam Rd, (L)Kyeema St, (R)Weeta St, (L)Jan St, (R)Coldenham Rd, (R)Jarvisfield Rd, (R)Argyle, (L)Menangle St
  3:45 St Anthonys School
  3:45 Load St Anthony's Students Opposite School Shire Hall
  3:45 Menangle St, - Picton Rd, (L)Menangle Rd, (R)Camden Rd, (L)Into Bus Bay Outside Douglas Park Public
  3:55 (L)Camden, (R)Jenkins, (R)Durham, (R)Station, (L)Camden
  4:05 Camden Rd, (L)Menangle Rd, (L)Picton Rd, (R)Wilton Park Rd Turn Around At Marcus St Bus Shed - Wilton Park Rd, (R)Picton Rd, (L)Pembroke Pde, (L) Fairway Dr - Turn Around At Roundabout - Fairway Dr - Greenbridge Dr, (R)Beatty St, (L)Oxenbridge Ave - Hornby, (L)Broughton, (R)Campsie, (R)Camden
  4:32 Camden, (L)Wilton Rd, (L)Douglas Park Dr, (R)Mitchell - Turnaround At The End - Mitchell, (L)Douglas Park Dr, (L)Dredge - Turn Around At The End - Dredge, (L)Douglas Park Dr, (R)Wilton Rd, (L)Macarthur Rd - Down Lisa Rd On Request, (R)Picton Rd
  4:55 Special To Picton Railway Station
  5:22 St Anthony's
  5:24 Regreme - Argyle Via Jarvisfield Estate
  5:28 Remembrance Dr - Jarvisfield Rd
  5:32 Redbank - Thirlmere Way
  5:35 Q V Hospital
  5:36 East Gates
  5:38 Thirlmere Roundabout / Shops
  5:40 Thirlmere Wy / Denmead St
  5:42 Thirlmere Wy / Milne St
  5:43 Tahmoor - Opposite Kfc Remembrance Dr / Thirlmere Wy
  5:44 Remembrance Dr / Struan St Via Moorland / River
  5:47 Remembrance Dr / River Rd To Depot
  5:50 Arrive Depot - Complete Task As Per End Of Shift Procedures
  6:05 Finish Depot - Lock Gate & Oil Room Upon Leaving
  3:13 Thirlmere Public School
  3:14 Goodlett St, (L)Mason St, (R)Barbour Rd, (R)Lakes St, (R)Bonds Rd, (R)Estonian Rd, (L)Oaks Rd, (R)Shellys Ln, (R)Cedar Creek Rd, (L)Richardson Rd Cross Railway At East Gates Owen St, (L)Thirlmere Wy To Stonequarry Roundabout
  3:33 Thirlmere Wy, (L)Darley St, (R)Bridge St, (L)Thirlmere Wy
  3:35 (L)Turner, (L)Rita St, (R)Brundah Rd, (R)Turner St, (L)Thirlmere Wy, (L)Leonard St, (L)Dennis St, (L)Bell St, (L)Thirlmere Wy, (L)Milne St, (R)Park St, (R)Castlereagh St, (L)Thirlmere Wy, (R)Remembrance Dr, (R)Bronzewing St
  3:45 Opposite Bi-Lo - (R)York St, (R)Emmett St, (L)Remembrance Dr,
  3:48 K.F.C - Remembrance Dr, (L)Thirlmere Way
  4:00 Thirlmere Roundabout
  4:02 Thirlmere Public School
  4:06 Taara Gardens
  4:08 Thirlmere Shops
  4:10 East Gates
  4:11 Q V Hospital
  4:14 Redbank - Thirlmere Wy
  4:17 Argyle / Regreme
  4:22 Remembrance Dr - Jarvisfield Rd
  4:24 Shire Hall
  4:27 Picton Railway Station
  4:40 Arrive Depot - Complete Tasks As Per Drivers Manual