Travel With Us

We aim to provide quality and efficient services which exceed the expectations of most of our customers. Our Charter sets out our commitment to you, the customer, to deliver continuous improvement in both quality and reliability of service.

Our Customer Charter focuses upon the important aspects of the service. The Charter identifies the targets we have set within the group to meet your needs. These targets will be subjected to regular monitoring. In addition, we will continue to review our targets to ensure that we constantly meet the ever-changing needs of the areas in which we operate.

To help us achieve our targets, your feedback is welcome. We have included in the Charter detailed information on how you can contact us regarding our services. We would welcome your comments, suggestions or observations which could help to improve the quality of our service.

Customer satisfaction runs second only to safety as our priority objective. Our Customer Charter is a key element of our plan to deliver a quality service to you.

Care for Children

We are very aware of the need to care for children travelling on our buses. Where children get onto the wrong school bus, the driver will contact the depot or arrange to transfer the child to the correct bus.

Frequency of Service

The frequency of town services will always meet or exceed the frequency specified by Transport for NSW and satisfy community needs.


Our aim is to operate all advertised services. No bus service should leave ahead of its advertised time. On-time running is constantly monitored and the reasons why any service runs over five minutes late is analysed. Where the reason for late running is due to a factor within our control, every effort will be made to make changes which restore on-time running.


We will continue to provide accessible services, generally in excess of our obligations.

Since 2001, all vehicles purchased for use on town services have been fully accessible. Accessible format timetables and customer information for town services are available by contacting our offices or accessing directly from our websites.


Our aim is always to provide sufficient capacity to meet the demand for travel. On school buses that travel along highways, we aim to have no child standing.

Customer Information

When we modify a timetable or change a route, we will publicise the change and issue a new timetable in advance of the change taking place. We will explain the reason for the change whenever possible and draw attention to any specific service implications. Bus timetables, fares, school travel and other information will be provided on our Internet sites. Where information is able to be provided at bus stops, it will be correct and up to date.

Cleanliness of Vehicles and Premises

  • All buses in service will be cleaned internally every day and washed externally at least weekly but in most cases daily.
  • Public areas of the Buslines Group premises will be cleaned as often as required to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

Journey Comfort

  • In order to ensure a pleasant on bus environment, regular inspections will take place to ensure that all buses have adequate ventilation, heating and lighting.
  • All drivers have been trained in safe driving techniques to optimise customer safety. Subject to road conditions and the behaviour of other road users the bus will be driven so that braking and acceleration will be smooth and sudden movements minimised.
  • From 2009 all buses purchased have been air-conditioned.

Value for Money

We believe it is important to offer value for money. Therefore we are committed to providing ongoing improvements in the quality and reliability of all our services.

Telephone Enquiries

Our staff will be provided with adequate training, systems and information to answer all enquiries accurately and efficiently.

Lost Property

  • Where property is marked with contact details like a telephone number, the owner shall be advised.
  • Where an item can be identified as belonging to a student of a particular school, it shall be sent to the school if not claimed.
  • Valuable lost property shall be securely stored.
  • Details of enquiries about lost property shall be recorded and periodically compared with records of lost property. If the item has been found, the owner shall be contacted.
  • Property found on our buses will be kept for three months before being donated to a local charity.

Customer Contact Staff

It is Buslines Group policy that all staff will:

  • be polite and helpful to our customers and members of the public at all times,
  • answer enquiries accurately and pleasantly,
  • consider your safety and comfort when driving,
  • wear the appropriate uniform.


To assist us in providing you with a high-quality bus service please ensure that you:

  • Signal to the driver in good time that you wish to get on or off the bus,
  • Allow people off before you get on,
  • Say where you are going, and wherever possible give the driver the exact fare,
  • Hold on to the handrails provided when you stand or move down the vehicle,
  • Sit down when seats are available.

We would particularly ask you not to:

  • place your feet on seats,
  • allow your baggage to obstruct the aisles,
  • throw litter on the floor,
  • drink or eat on the bus (except water or for medical reasons).

Customer Suggestions, Complaints and Compliments

In order to help us improve the service we provide for you, we actively encourage feedback. Suggestions for service improvements and complaints about existing services are vital to us if we are to achieve the objectives outlined in this Charter.

Customer suggestions, complaints and compliments can be made in person, by telephone, by email or via the feedback page on our website. If a complaint is made in writing (email, web or post) we will acknowledge receipt of complaints within 2 working days.

Generally, we aim to resolve complaints within 5 working days. Those complaints that require additional investigation may not be able to be resolved within this time frame, however, customers will be kept informed on the progress of their complaint.

It is helpful to include as much detail as possible when making a complaint, such as the date and time of travel and the bus registration number, where you were leaving from and going to, and a contact phone number in case we need more information. It is also helpful if you send your ticket with the complaint.

Consulting You

Our Charter sets out our commitment to provide the highest standards of service to you, our customers. It does not create any new legal relationship with you and it does not affect your legal rights or obligations in any way.